Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Armadillos Make Great Presents

The other day we stopped and did a cute little cache named "Armadillos Make Great Presents"  GC3GR3X

This cache was placed in honor of CurlyNN and her birthday bash.  Unfortunately I missed the party because I was in the middle of a computer and internet crash crisis that day, but we got over there a few days later to make the find and drop off a little TB I had picked up.

Here you can see the cute little cache container with a picture of an armadilo on the inside of the lid.  The cache was filled with swag for kids.  I dropped off the TB, which you can see sitting on top of the log sheet.  Sometimes it's nice to have enough time to just grab a couple caches before dark, and that's what we did that evening.  This one was placed at a small nature center and it was pleasant just to walk down the paths and around a small pond to get to the cache.


  1. Sometimes the most simple caches return he biggest reward. Keep on caching Kim!

  2. I love how into this you are with your family and what a great way to get kids out and moving and away from the house.

  3. That is a cool cache! We have armadillos in Florida. The title really had me fooled!

  4. Sounds lovely - a walk at dusk in a nature park!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  5. I think more than anything caching gets you out, moving and seeing things you just might otherwise ignore. What an awesome concept.


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