Friday, May 4, 2012

Alliance for Lifelong Learning

I went back to school...... sort of.

Our nearby community college offers a program called "Alliance for Lifelong Learning."  The beauty of it, at least for me, is that all the classes are conducted on-line.  How great is that?  You can go on-line whenever you feel like it, read the required material, take the quiz, access additional online resources and then visit the discussion area to talk with other students about the assignment and to ask questions.

Let me tell you - this on-line class worked out really great.  I liked it because I wasn't locked in to a specific class schedule, where I had to drive to the school.  If I wanted to do my lessons at 11 PM - I could!  If I wanted to sit in my sweat suit, drinking coffee and take my quiz - I could!   Messy hair day?  No problem!!!

Another thing I really liked was that I got to work at my own pace.  Each course is 6 weeks long.  There are 2 lessons per week and each lesson was 5 chapters long, which is no problem for me, since I don't mind reading.  Each lesson then had a quiz to take afterwards.  Some lessons had an assignment and once we completed it, we posted it in the discussion room for all the other students to read and comment on.  Figure on spending between 2 -4 hours per week on the lessons total.

They offer a really wide variety of classes too.....  Accounting, business, computer applications, health and medical, language & arts, personal development, teaching,  and writing and publishing.  The class I took was the writing and publishing class, and upon completion you get a certificate provided you passed the class.   Ahhhh hmmmmm, not to brag, but I got an "A."

I strongly suggest you check with the community college in your area and see if they offer any programs like this.  I highly recommend it.  I'm taking a break for a couple of weeks since I have a lot of stuff on my plate from now until the middle of July.  However, I am already eyeing an Italian language class for my next course. After all, learning to speak Italian is on my bucket list, so that seems like a perfect fit.



  1. It is so convienent to take an online class, but do you think you missed the human interaction? I really loved college (I like to people watch). I'm not sure if I would follow through with the online class...I like the inperson competitive edge. Then again...maybe I'm just starving for adult interaction!! LOL

    Hey, I just found out a couple I know do the geochache thing here. The next time I run into them I'll ask for some details about it.

    1. I loved the idea of the online class. The only downfall, and it didn't apply to this particular class, for me, would be if it was a math class and I needed to visually see a teacher showing me how to do something. But no worries, I would NEVER take a math class anyway. LOL! Let me know what your friends say about the geocaching. You should try it once!

  2. Community colleges are great! We have a wonderful CC here in the Portland area. I've taken lots of photography classes from PCC over the years. Good luck on your quest to learn Italian!

  3. That is great! I have wanted to take a pottery class from our local college, but haven't made time for it. A real class, like business and accounting that can be done online is more my thing. I dislike math, so I'm iffy on doing it. Like..what IF I fail??? OMG! I'd die!

    Congrats on your A! Good luck and have fun learning Italian!

  4. I tried online classes and found myself distracted and blogging.
    I tried an English grammar class but just realized how off my writing was so, I quit. Now, I just write the way I want to but continuous learning is a great lifetime goal. Good for you!


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