Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wisconsin Geocache's

I've been itching to get out and do a little geocaching since we haven't been out in 2 weeks.  I think that's about a dry spell record for us.  We called mom and dad and headed across the border into Wisconsin with a list of 18 caches we wanted to grab.

The first stop was a DNF from the last time we were in Wisconsin.  Today we walked up and dad spotted it immediately.  I swear it was not here the last time.   It was somewhere in this pile of rocks.....

Some geocachers by the name of "search4menow" had set out a series of roadside caches that were very nicely done.  None of them were very difficult, but we did get a good variety of cache containers and hides.

I really liked this one....

One of our local cachers, Dinaworks, hid a cache outside the famous Mars Cheese Castle.  GC2HPJ4  They have wonderful cheese and sausage products, so of course we had to go inside, browse, and buy a bunch of stuff.

Hey Bloodhounded, this pics for you!

We found a couple in the woods....

This one was outside of an Antique Mall.  Poor dad had to work to get it open....

We found all 18 caches and then mom and dad treated us to lunch at my favorite Wisconsin restaurant - The Brat Stop.....

It was a great morning and it just felt good to get outside for awhile.


  1. The reflector was a neat cache stash!

    Is that beets, red kraut, or beet infused kraut beside you brat? It looks yummy!

  2. It's such an adventure, your life, but please tell me this didn't actually happen today. I mean, hello??? Final Four....Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas, Ohio are right in the middle of all the action.

    Wait...please don't tell me you aren't a basketball fan. LOL

    Glad you had a good day with your folks. I watched some great basketball. :)

    1. Sorry Gayle, we are a football family - FOOTBALL! LOL!

  3. Oh man, this post has so many things that I LOVE!

    * Geocaching
    * Food
    * A special Cheesehead photo (thanks Kim, you made my day!)
    * Family
    * Brats (a category of their own)

    What a great job you do with turning your special days into "our" special days!

    Fantastic post and great pictures as usual! A big hello to PapaNonny!

  4. Looks like a successful day. And I always love to stop for a bite after a hike or ski in the woods.

  5. What a fun day! Love your cheese-head. :)
    We didn't find too many treasures on our day trip, just some pretty rocks. Hopefully when we go back we can look some more. There is a ship wreck, or part of it, that has washed up on Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore between Empire and Glen Arbor and I would love to take a walk and look at it. Not sure if they cleaned it up yet though.

    1. Oh, that sounds cool. I love stuff like that. Take pictures!!

  6. All that in a single morning? You guys are definitely expert geocachers!

    That food is making me hungry... or maybe it's the result of today's massive hike? ;o)

  7. 18 in one morning!!! Is that a record?
    xo Cathy

    1. No. We did 25 in one day once. Did you notice the sweatshirt I'm wearing?


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