Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wheels00 5K Large Swag Recycling Center

GC3G964 Wheels00 5K Large Swag Recycling Center is a milestone cache that was recently placed in honor of my caching friend Wheels.  If you remember, several of us embarked on a multi cache journey back in February 2012 to help Wheels achieve this milestone.  You can read about that caching day here.

Wheels and his family are avid recyclers, so cacher Dinaworks came up with the interesting concept of placing a milestone cache for Wheels in which cachers could place items that others can take home and re-use.  Here, take a look at the cache page GC3G964 for a really good explanation.

On Sunday evening a bunch of us met Wheels over at the cache location so he could find his cache.

The inside was already stocked with 2 DVD players, some books, CD's, speakers, an aquarium and assorted other items that are still in working order and can be re-used by somebody.

We all quickly signed the logbook and then scattered because the skies chose just that moment to open up and drown us with rain.  It was a quick, and sweet, moment.  Congrats on 5000 finds Wheels!

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  1. That is a huge milestone! So cool of you guys to go out and share it with him :)

    Congrats Wheels!

  2. 5000!! That's a crazy number of places to visit. I like the recycling bin idea. Fun!


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