Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mothers Day is Just Around the Corner

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I know you don't want to wait until the last minute to pick out a special present for mom.  How about a beautiful piece of hand crafted jewelry by Del over at Dells Shells?  And the best part is that a lot of the pieces can be customized with colored beads to signify the special occasions in your life.

For example, Della created this beautiful keepsake for me.  She added a birth month bead for each of my children.  Isn't this pretty?  You can't really see it clearly, but there is also a small heart attached to the beads.

Or how about a Mother's Brooch?

Do you like something with a nautical theme?


Something to keep your loved one from losing her way?

How about a hair pin?

Or a ring?

Maybe you'd like to give her your heart?

Something to decorate her ears?

Or her wrist?

Or how about one of these beauties to dangle from her neck?

No matter which one you choose, I promise you will love it.   Della wraps everything you order in gorgeous packaging.....

Any woman would love one of these hand crafted pieces.  It will be a gift she will treasure.  And don't forget, Del welcomes custom orders.  Feel free to email her through her blog.  Go check out her Etsy shop.   Place your orders now so you get them in time for Mother's Day.  And get this...  follow her blog and you will get a 20% discount off her Esty items by entering coupon code BLOG 20.

I just want to add that Della does do pieces with sterling silver as well, and she also can do pieces without shells if desired.  Shoot her off an email with what you're looking for, and she will try to accommodate you.  

Pssssttttt........  Mothers Day is May 13th!


  1. Beautiful pieces!
    Pity it's not my mother's style... plus there's that teensy matter of her being allergic to metals that aren't sterling silver or 18 carat gold which has always made buying jewellery for her problematic... :p

  2. Thanks Kim! Awesome promo post!

    I guess it's a bit too late to mention that I have sterling silver chain and findings on hand, and that some of my custom orders have been non-shell pieces :D
    I do try to cater to all tastes, and my shop didn't start out as a shell only shop, it's just my preferred material to work with! I enjoy many styles of jewelry making, and custom creations are so much fun!

  3. Nice pieces of art and each one unique, no two alike. I like that!
    Thanks for the reminder and the suggestion.

  4. Such lovely pieces! You're right - they are a wonderful idea for Mother's Day.


    1. Hi Claudia - thanks for stopping by. I'm really enjoying your posts from Hartford!


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