Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Geocaching Kentucky Lake Easter Weekend 2012

Our 2nd day of Easter Weekend geocaching netted 5 new caches for me and 9 caches for the rest of the group.  I took them around to grab some of my favorite caches that I had already found last year.

One of them was a 2 part cache, where you had to find certain cemetery headstones and figure out the part 2 coordinates from them.  The 2nd part of the cache took us down an overgrown trail, littered with Halloween decorations.  It was really well done.  The cache owners even had a cooler filled with cold water bottles sitting near the cache for thirsty cachers.  How nice is that?

The caches that day took us on several wooded trails near the lake.

We found a nice variety of cache containers too.

By far my favorite cache of the day was GC2MJRN   Where's Whitey?   This cache has a difficulty level of 5, which is the highest level you can give a cache.  Did someone throw down a challenge??  I'm always eager to look for level 5 caches.   I absolutely will not show you the cache itself or where we found it, but I will tell you it's located someplace on this dock....

It took us about 10 minutes to find the cache.  It was nicely done.  The co-ords are spot on.  Out of 23 visits so far, 15 people have found it and 8 have DNF.  I was thrilled that we got it.  I even gave it a favorites point!

What's a favorites point?  Let me tell you.

Groundspeak gives Premium Members the ability to earn favorite points.  For every 10 caches you find, you earn 1 favorite point that you can then award to a cache that you found that you thought was exceptional in some way.  Maybe one of the caches, like "Where's Whitey", was hidden in a really clever way, or its a really creative cache container, or the journey to the cache is memorable.  Well, then you can award it a favorites point and this lets other cachers know that this is an exceptional cache and probably worth your time to go find it.

If you go to the cache page for "Where's Whitey" and look towards the top of the page, you'll see a small yellowish box that says favorites with a blue ribbon next to it.  Right now this cache has 4 favorite points.  I predict it will have lots more favorite points in the near future.

I'm proud to say that one of my own caches  "GC2GJRP  Back Atcha Bat-Louisville Slugger"   has a total of 28 favorite points so far.  In fact, another geocacher named Doccdrew did that cache and liked it so much that he emailed me and asked if he could copy it and place one in his home town in California.  I was thrilled and of course I said yes.  Doc placed "GC2P06A  3 Strikes and You're Out" and so far that one has accumulated 18 favorite points.   I hope to one day get out to California and find this one myself.

Favorite points are particularly helpful if you're caching in a new area.  You can run a query of favorite caches and spend your day searching for some outstanding caches.  I think the favorites system is a really good idea.

That wraps up our Easter weekend geocaching.  We had a wonderful holiday.  I hope you did something special too!


  1. One word, AWESOME!
    Great post Kim! I don't know how you just keep cranking out one quality article after another?
    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Love the idea of those "favourite points"! Must help in choosing to try for one cache over another.

    Sounds like you guys had a fabulous Easter weekend! I have yet to begin working on the photos and videos I took from the processions during my Easter break... PLus I still have one hike to cover on the blog! woops! How do you keep all this quality articles coming? ;o)

    1. I always look forward to you hike blogs, so get going on it! LOL! Thanks for the nice compliment - I try.

  3. That is so cool! And way to go for wracking up favorite points on your caches! Great post Kim, and great pics, too ;)


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