Friday, October 8, 2021

Yellowstone Day 13

 Sunday Sept. 19

I slept in a little bit later today and didn’t get out and on the road until about 8:30.   I had plans to stop outside Nebraska City and see the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trail and Visitor Center and according to their website they didn’t open up until noon on Sundays so I was stalling for time.   I stopped, got gas and drove an hour and a half east to get there.  I had looked and there were two geocaches hidden nearby the museum so I stopped and grabbed the geocaches first.  One geocache was just located just outside the Lewis and Clark Center, near a picnic table...

When I arrived at the museum I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had opened at 9 o’clock.  I hurried inside and with my senior discount it was only six dollars.  Oh my goodness - it was six very well spent dollars!  The museum itself is laid out over three floors. 

Outside there’s an Indian Earth Lodge/Hut that you can go in.  I was surprised at the size of it - 48 ft. diameter and they were built to house up to 30 people....

The Center also has several hiking trails on the property.   One of the trails lead down to the Missouri River, the very river that Lewis and Clark and their Corp of Discovery travelled on over 200 years ago.  

I was there for over two hours and I could’ve easily spent several more because there was so much to see and do.  It was honestly one of the best museums I’ve ever been in and by far the best presentation on Lewis and Clark history that I’ve ever seen.

After that I jumped in the car and drove 2 1/2 hours to my KOA campsite for the night     Before I pulled into the KOA I stopped at the gas station and filled up my tank for the next morning and ran into Popeyes to get myself some chicken strips for dinner.  Then I headed over to the KOA which coincidentally was also the same campground I stayed at for my very first night on this trip.   This is a nice campground with easy expressway on and off and the bathrooms are clean.  My tent site was actually next to the site I had the last time so I parked the car, ate my chicken strips and then went and took a shower.      

I still had about three hours until dark so I just sat and read a book for a while, cleaned out my car, and reflected on the amazing trip I had just taken.  I couldn’t believe all the places I had been and the unbelievable number of things I had done in two weeks.  What an experience!  Tomorrow I’ve got about 6 ½ hours left to drive and then I’m home.  Is it too early to start planning my next trip??

For those of you who followed along on 13 separate posts about my Yellowstone trip - THANK YOU!   I've gotten so many wonderful comments and notes from people who enjoyed the posts and photos.  I'll be back in a few days with a trip "wrap up" that will include mileage driven, money spent on gas, favorite stops along the way and some helpful tips.  I hope you've seen something here that you'd like to see yourself.  And if I've inspired you to get out your tent and do some travelling, well, that's even better.  Safe travels!!


  1. I sure learned a lot from your post. Things I never knew. That is a great museum and thank you for sharing. It has been a wonderful trip. Safe travels to you sweet friend.

  2. Fascinating. Everything about Lewis and Clark and their amazing journey is fascinating. And the more I learn about the indigenous peoples the more impressed I am. What a great end to a remarkable trip!


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