Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Yellowstone Day 10

 Thursday Sept 16

Originally I had planned to visit Jackson Hole this day, but since I had taken my disastrous drive down there the day before I decided not to drive back again.  I opted instead to drive the 5 mile road to the top of Signal Mountain.  That was a much better choice.  It was only a minute from my campground and I got to see some Elk on my way over there.

I arrived early and was up at the top by 7:30.  I was glad I did that because going back down there was a steady stream of cars headed up and once you’re at the top there’s not much parking and practically no room to turn around.   If you're in the area, I highly recommend the beautiful 5 mile drive to the top - try to go around sunrise or sunset and you will be treated to some specular views.

After that I pointed my car south east, waved goodbye to The Tetons, and began the slow track towards home.   

I was going to stop at the Sacajawea burial site outside Dubois but when I got close to the area I felt it was rather questionable.  I didn’t feel that going to a secluded cemetery in the middle of nowhere was a wise choice for me by myself so I took a pass.  I try to listen to my inner voice and sometimes I pass on things I really want to see if something is telling me not to go. 

I stopped at different pull offs to read some interesting historical markers... 

I also stopped at a Bighorn Sheep Center to grab a geocache.  I was there before it opened otherwise I would have gone inside to see what that was all about....

The scenery was beautiful and I could see how much the colors were starting to change.

I drove into Lander, Wyoming where I stopped and got myself a chicken sandwich, ran into the dollar store for more water, and then headed on to my campsite at Twin Pines Campground.  I was very happy with my spot there - it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere but it’s very clean, the campsites are a good size for the tents, and the views are spectacular.   I decided that since I was there by noon I was going to clean out my car, take a nice hot shower and do all my laundry.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside reading, relaxing and enjoying the cows in the distance.  I was treated to a nice sunset and was asleep early.  


  1. Jackson Hole used to put on a big western reality play in the evenings right on the main street, with a shoot out and lots of drama. If they are still doing that, 60 years later, it could account for the crowds you ran into. But seeing the elk sounds way cooler to me -- they are such huge and majestic animals! I'm glad you listened to that inner voice -- I am a huge believer in following instincts when it comes to safety.

  2. I've enjoyed your trip the entire time.


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