Thursday, May 13, 2021

Deerfamy Tent Coleman Comfort Smart Cot & Sportneer Portable Camping Table

 I just got back from an awesome trip to Chattanooga and the Smoky Mountains.  One of the new items I purchased for my trip was this Deerfamy 3 person tent.  I really liked it.  It has a tent floor and additional rain fly that you can easily and quickly attach if needed.  It comes with tent stakes and is supported by 2 collapsible poles.  It breaks down quick and easy and stores in the supplied zippered bag.  

It was large enough for me to put my Coleman ComfortSmart cot in it for sleeping along with a Sportneer Portable Camping table and small bucket toilet.   The cot is very comfortable.  It measures 69" x 25" x 15", supports up to 275 pounds  and comes with a mattress.  It also folds in half with the mattress for easy storage which I particularly liked. 


The table comes in 3 different sizes.  It's lightweight, and snaps together super easily.  It even has a mesh bag that hangs underneath for light storage.   When you're done with the table it quickly comes apart and stores in the supplied bag.  I got the medium size and it's perfect for the tent, fishing, or cooking breakfast on.  I couldn't be happier with this purchases!  

I needed a good blanket for my excursions so I made one myself and sewed a bunch of my Girl Scout and travel patches on it.  That was a great way to display some patches and stay warm at the same time.  I even found some adorable camping fabric to use as squares....

I'll be back with posts about my trip and some fabulous photos!!

Click this link to go to Amazon to check out this tent. 

Click this link to check out the Coleman Comfort Smart Cot.

Click this link to checkout the Sportneer Portable Table.

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