Sunday, May 23, 2021

Turkey Egg Breakfast Burrito

 My daughter raises chickens and turkeys so I have a steady supply of farm fresh eggs.  I never know what kind I'm going to get but I'm always excited to see the different colors her chickens produce.  Aren't they pretty?

Their turkeys recently started laying eggs so yesterday she gave me one to cook for breakfast.  Check this out. It's huge and I love the specked coloring...

I had big plans for this beauty in my frying pan and decided to make a scrambled egg breakfast burrito.  Did you know that turkey eggs are extremely strong?  They don't crack as easily as a chicken egg does.  It actually took a bit of pull to release the egg.  It looks exactly like a chicken egg once you crack it, only larger.  I added a little bit of fresh milk from JD Country Milk out of Russellville, Ky.  Have you ever had milk in a bottle?  It's amazing.  It's non -homogenized and SO fresh!  And there is always a nice clump of cream in the neck of the bottle when you first open it.  Anyway, I added a little milk, salt and pepper and scrambled that baby right up.  

I like my tortilla's lightly fried in olive oil so they are a little crispy.  I put the scrambled egg on the tortilla, added some shredded cheese and a couple shakes of Cholula Green Pepper hot sauce and it was done!  I folded it in half and ate -  Delicious!!

If you ever get a chance to try a turkey egg, give it a go! 


  1. Your turkey egg burrito looked delicious! I've had duck eggs, but not turkey. Will definitely try one if I ever get the chance. And I love milk in glass bottles! We used to get milk deliveries when we lived in England, and it came in bottles in a little carrier. It was so good with that bit of cream on top!

    1. We had milk delivered when I was a kid too. The milk today still has the cream on top and I eat it cuz its so good.


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