Thursday, May 27, 2021

Chattanooga/Smoky Mountain Trip Day 6


Day 6 Thursday

(Me on top of Clingmans Dome)

How can it possibly be SIX days already?  Time is going by way too quickly.  I got up at 6:15 am  and was so happy to see that it wasn’t raining out, although the weather had gotten a lot colder.  I pulled out some long underwear and my heavy jacket, fixed a quick breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and hit the road by 7:00 am.    Today was the day I was most looking forward to – Clingman’s Dome!!  The views along the way were stunning...

Climbing to the top of Clingman’s Dome has been a years long goal of mine.  One mile away from the Clingman’s Dome turn off,  traffic came to a dead stop.   They were starting road construction and they had closed everything down to one lane.  So they would let 30 cars go one way and when they got thru to the other side they closed it and let 30 or so cars go thru from the other direction.  I sat there for about 20 minutes  and then finally got thru.  By the time I got to the parking lot there were already quite a few cars there.  I grabbed my hiking stick, water bottle and back pack and eagerly started up.   

I’ve been walking on my treadmill at home for the past couple months at a 12% incline in anticipation of this hike.  The grade here is said to be 13% and believe me, it’s every bit of that.   I was mildly surprised that I had to stop 4 times on the way up to catch my breath.  It was a lot more difficult that I anticipated.   It took me almost 30 minutes to make it to the top but it was worth every minute of huffing and puffing along that climb!!  

When I got there and looked out over the mountains I burst into tears.  My husband passed away last year and I realized that this was the closest I was going to be to him and Heaven until the day I died.   I was just overcome with emotion.   It was such a bittersweet journey to this moment and it was such an accomplishment for me to be here after everything I’ve dealt with over the past year.  I started snapping photos and talking to some of the other people up there and it was just so beautiful!  I stayed up there for about 15 minutes just enjoying the views. 

   When I headed back down I spied the spot where the Appalachian Trail crosses the trail so I ducked down it for about a block, just to experience it.  

Then I turned around and headed back to the now full parking lot.   I passed dozens of people headed up while I was on my way down.  I was sure glad I had gotten there so early.  Word of warning:  My car remotes didn't work in the mountains.   I got back to my car and kept pushing the button to pop open the locks and nothing was happening.  I admit I had a moment of panic until I remembered that there's a way to open the remote and there's a key hidden inside to open the door.  Check your remote before you go in case that's ever an issue for you.  I hopped back into my car and headed over to the Rockefeller Monument at NewFound Gap.   

The Appalachian Trail runs along there as well so I walked a couple blocks down that trail too.   I’ve always wanted to hike the full length of trail but at this late stage of my life I don’t see that happening. 

  When I went to leave I was stuck in another 20 minutes of construction traffic jam.  What a mess.  Traffic was backed up for miles in both directions now.   Since it was still early in the day I decided to drive up to Pigeon Force and go back to The Apple Barn for lunch.  Their apple fritters are just so darn good.  I had a fabulous lunch of Chicken Pot pie with the apple fritters on the side.  The waitress told me that they sold boxes of the fritter mix in the store so I made sure to pick up a box on my way out.   

By then it was mid afternoon so I took my mom’s advice and went to the Titanic Museum.   

That was SO interesting.   The outside of the building looks like the Titanic and inside was filled with wonderful displays and artifacts.  They even have a replica of the grand staircase and believe me, it was grand to walk up it.  People in period costumes were scattered about and in the room dedicated to the musicians they had a young man playing the piano and he was excellent.  I just stood and listened to him for the longest time and when he was done playing everyone gave him a huge round of applause.  At $ 30.00 per person it’s a little pricey, but so worth it.  The whole place is done up so well with great attention to detail.  I’m sorry but they don’t allow pictures so I only have this one photo of me standing at the Captain’s helm that I snuck in when no one was watching.  I'm a rebel!  LOL!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  

When you walk in they give you a card with a Titanic passengers name on it and at the end of the tour you can check to see if they survived the sinking or not.  My person was Caroline Brown and she survived!

After that I headed over to The Island in Pigeon Forge.  It’s a favorite spot of my sisters so I sat and watched the fountain show in the square and then walked around the stores for awhile.   

By then it was getting so crowded and I had enough of all the people so I headed back to my campsite.   I was happy to be there and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.   I bought a book about the Titanic so I sat and looked thru that for awhile and went to bed early.

Next up - Cades Cove!


  1. Such amazingly beautiful scenery...I love that area, and hope to visit there again someday. I never made it to the top of Clingmans Dome, and don't know if I could do that hike! But your descriptions and photos made me feel like I was right there with you. My great-great-great grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee from NC, so the history means a lot to me. And my heart just swelled when you talked about getting choked up. Your husband would be so happy that you're getting out and continuing to pursue your travels and dreams! P.S. Love that rebel streak and the pic you snuck in at the Titanic Museum!! :)

  2. Very cool about your ancestor being an Indian. We'll have to talk about that sometime.


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