Friday, May 3, 2013

Unique Cache Contest and 2400

Yesterday I was telling you about the lunch event we went to and the Unique Cache Contest.  Here are a few pictures of some of the caches and locations.....

How cute is this little fire hydrant?

Mom grabbing a duck....

Loved this one.  It was disguised as a gold brick and it was chained to the pole underneath this lamp skirt cover.  When Dad lifted the lamp skirt, the cache fell out and dangled from its chain.  Talk about being stealthy!  LOL.  The look on Dad's face when it fell out was priceless....

A cache was hidden someplace on this bridge.  This cache wasn't part of the contest but it was nearby, so we grabbed it....

Dad had a hard time catching this cute rodent....

We did a lot of fun caches for the event and I thought the Unique Cache Contest was a huge hit.  The winners will be determined this weekend by the number of favorite points each cache receives during the week.

Later in the day when I was logging in my caches, I realized that we were only 3 caches away from hitting number 2400.  When I mentioned it to Louie he told me to grab my caching bag and off we went.   This was number 2400.  If you look closely enough you'll see the cache hanging around....

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'll be back on Monday with a book review.


  1. Those sure are some funky caches! So I guess the contest was for the COs? Whoever had the "most unique" cache? Cool idea! :o)

    By the way... no time for caching in the UK last weekend... I could have on Monday in Bristol, but didn't want to use roaming for internet on my cellphone and didn't think to search for a cache and download the info for offline use when I had wifi access... Drat! Live and learn...

    1. Yes, who ever had the most unique cache based on fav points will win.

      You have to learn to start automatically looking up caches whenever you go someplace. LOL!

    2. I need to develop my Geocaching instincts better! But for that I'd actually have to go out geocaching... and I've been so crazy busy the past couple of months it's been impossible! :o(
      Things should calm down a little bit in June when I lose a couple of my students after they've done their final exams... I'll definitely appreciate the breather! (and even more being able to use the pool to de-stress once the water has warmed up!) ;o)

  2. What fun! I don't know if I could have held the 'rat'! heehee! You have to be in good shape to do what you do! I love it!

    1. Yeah, I'm not real crazy about rats either. LOL!

  3. Congratulations on number 2400! I enjoy reading your adventures. I found a fire hydrant cache like that out in the woods in central North Carolina a couple of months back. Unique!

  4. Kim, this sounds like so much fun, my husband and I have talked about doing this for so long. I'm going to tell him today that we need to "get on with it!" Congrats on 2400, wow, that's amazing! Mary

    1. Mary, you have got to try it. If you need any help getting started, I'll be happy to do what I can. It's so much fun.


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