Friday, May 10, 2013

Doesn't Everybody Cache in Cowboy Boots?

Usually when we go geocaching I have on my gym shoes if we're caching around the neighborhood or in parks.  Whenever we're in Kentucky or in the woods, I always wear my Vasque hiking boots.  But last week I wore something I've never worn caching before - my cowboy boots!

The reason was because we were caching for a couple of hours and then going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - White Fence Farm.  I didn't really want to go traipsing into a restaurant on a Sunday in jeans and hiking boots, so this is my version of semi dressed up.  LOL!

So anyway, the very first cache was a DNF, which is not the way that I like to start out the day.  It's hidden someplace in this general area.  The square box on the wall had recently been replaced and there were  pieces of wire and metal all over the ground. We stupidly assumed that the cache was missing, which just goes to show you that you should never give up and not to assume anything.  Did you know that you should never assume anything because it makes an ASS out of U and ME.  Get it?  Don't mind me, I'm in a goofy mood tonight.  So anyway, I checked with the cache owner and he confirmed that the cache is still there so now I have to go back another day and find this sucker.

Moving on....We found the next one here before we even got out of the car...

and then Dad quickly avenged this one that we had a DNF on last year.  However, I would like to point out that it was confirmed that we had a DNF because the cache had been muggled, so I didn't feel too bad after I heard that.

This next one was really cute and we enjoyed it.  I like a nicely hidden cache and cute cache container.

My husband, our driver, taking a cigarette break.  I can't help it - isn't he handsome??

Beware of scorpions when you lift a lamp skirt....

Private Property?  Did you see a sign that said Private Property???  Shhhhh...  I found the cache....

 Dad and I hiked quite a ways to get to these rocks out in the middle of nowhere...

While Dad searched for the cache....

I did a little fooling around and phooning.....  See how well I can balance in cowboy boots?

By noon we had really worked up an appetite and stopped for our chicken lunch.  I can't even tell you how good it was.  We made this plate of chicken disappear pretty quickly.

On the way home we stopped and grabbed a 2 part multi cache.  How cute is this??  I'm not giving away the cache number because I don't want to give away too much.  But I will tell you that stage one was at a famous restaurant around here and Chablis briefly worked at it for about 2 weeks many years ago.  It's a really cute train themed restaurant geared towards kids.  I still have some really cute tee shirts from there too...


  1. Lots of fun with the family and in cowboy boots to boot!

  2. You make everything you do so much fun...and always look cute!!! Sweet hugs!

  3. You are a very versatile multi-talented geocacher!! :) Cowboy boots and all.

  4. Howdy partner!
    (said in a southern drawl)
    I see you rustled up some of dem-der geocaches before grub! All dressed up and pretty like, with your cowgal boots on. Why you look like you're ready for the square dance! Yeeehaa!
    Live it up!


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