Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sanibel Isand 2013 Day 2

Day 2 of our Sanibel Island dream vacation dawned bright and sunny, so we packed up our beach bags and headed down to Blind Pass.  Almost immediately we saw Pam from ILoveShelling on her way to a tennis date, but she was nice enough to stop by and chat for awhile.  We were so busy talking that I forgot to take a photo - sorry Pam!  But it was so nice to see you and get to visit for awhile.

Pam pointed out how much the beach had shifted since the last time we were there.  I've never seen those pilings before as they are usually buried underneath several feet of sand.

I was quite intrigued by this barnacle encrusted oar that washed ashore.  I really wanted to take it home with me.  It was pretty cool looking.

Since our stroll down the beach didn't net us any great shells, we turned back and headed for the back side of the bridge.  Several fisherman were standing atop and casting their lines out into the channel.  To my horror, a pelican flew underneath the bridge just a fisherman cast his line and the hook snagged the pelican in the wing.  For about 15 minutes there was utter confusion as fisherman ran across the bridge, leaped over the side and worked to free the frightened bird.  They finally succeeded and the pelican immediately flew off.  It was quite a sight to see, but I have to say that the fisherman were very concerned about the pelican and worked quickly and efficiently to free him.

After the excitement died down I snuck off and found a geocache hidden nearby.  Can you see it?

I just loved the delicate flowers on this plant....

I have to say that I was sorely disappointed in the shelling here.  Usually this is a pretty good spot for us.  We waded in the channel, scooped sand and even dug a few holes, but didn't find many keeper shells at all.  Finally we gave up and just sun bathed for awhile.

By noon we were hungry so we chowed down on some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and headed back to our beach, where we went for a super long walk eastwards.  This year was really the year for pelicans.  I don't believe I've ever seen so many here...

This cutie just caught a fish and I snapped the photo mid swallow....

Exhausted, we finally made it back to the hotel where we showered and changed for dinner...

On the way through our parking lot, we ran into this turtle charging across the lot like he meant business....

Then we charged over to The Timbers, which is my favorite restaurant on the island and we had stuffed shrimp for dinner...

After dinner we took a leisurely stroll up our beach, and watched as the sun slowly sank. 

Chablis snapped this photo of me and I think it's one of my favorite pictures from our trip...

See you tomorrow, which was my personal favorite day on our vacation!


  1. Awwwww...I can feel the sun and sand between my toes! I love the picture of you on the balcony, looks like a shot from Beach GQ magazine!! We rarely go to Blind Pass because we don't do very well and have to find a parking spot. It hasn't paid off for us yet! We usually just shell the beach along gulfside/algiers park and do our 'digging' there!! GREAT Pics Kim, Thanks so much for taking us with you on your trip!! :)

    1. We tried Gulfside this year for the first time and didnt' find much except for a bunch of mermaids purses, which I was happy to get. We've never found those before. I'm telling you, the shelling was so poor this year. And last week my friend Moira was there and she hit the shelling jackpot. It just changes so much from week to week.

  2. Glad the pelican was okay. Really like your pelican and turtle photos. And of course I like the sunset pics too! :)

  3. Great pictures Kim. I love he shots of you. Keep the pictures coming. I can never get enough. Hope the shells start rolling in for you guys.

  4. You're seeing so much and eating the best the area has to offer! I know you're having fabulous weather, too! I love it when the temps are up enough to wear swimsuits and flip flops all day long! HAVE FUN!

  5. So happy to hear the fishermen were concerned about the pelican and did something about it!!!

    And yeah, that photo of you is amazing! But all those shells on the beach... it didn't hurt to walk around barefoot?

    1. Most of the time - no. But I did step on a mostly buried pen shell and sliced open my heel and it took over a week to heal.


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