Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mud Hole Custom Tackle

How often do you call a business with a customer service problem and get a run-around?  Do you punch multiple numbers on your phone for 5 minutes before you even get to a live person?  Can you actually understand that person once they start talking to you?  Is your problem resolved in a timely manner and to your satisfaction?   Sadly, most of the time in this day and age, good customer service is a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, I hear about more bad experiences than good ones.  And that's why I'm writing today's post - because I want to tell you about the most positive customer service experience I've had in a long time.

Many of you may remember the post I did last year when Chablis graduated from college and we had a fishing rod and reel custom made for her...

This is truly a beautiful rod and reel and she did a pretty fine job of catching fish all last year.  When she got the rod out to go bluegill fishing last week we discovered a problem with the reel.  I felt it was a manufacturers defect and absolutely no fault of the man who built the set, so I picked up the phone and placed a call to the reel supplier  Mud Hole Custom Tackle using their toll free number.  Lo and behold, I was immediately directed to a live person! 

I quickly explained that our reel had broken and that it had been supplied by their company.  And guess what?  I was politely informed that they would be happy to replace the reel if I'd be willing to cover the shipping cost.  I thought that was more than fair.  There was no arguing, no pleading, no false promises, no tap dancing around the issue.  2 business days later I had my replacement reel at my house.  Now, how's that for customer service?

I don't know about you, but I feel that any company that can provide customer service like that is a company that I want to deal with.  We always hear about how poorly many companies treat their customers and I felt that this outstanding service deserved kudos.  I think people should hear about companies that value their customers - companies like  Mud Hole Custom Tackle!

If you like to build your own rods and tackle, then this is the store for you.  Are you interested in trying your hand at crafting a rod?  They are well stocked with a wide variety of supplies....
  • blanks
  • cork rings
  • stickers and decals
  • grips and handles
  • guides
  • fly rods
  • ice rods
  • rod repair
  • books & videos
If making lures is more your thing, check this out....

  • beads
  • brass lure bodies
  • buzzbait
  • crankbaits
  • hooks & jigs
  • melting pots
  • molds
  • rattles
  • spoons
  • paint & accessories
Do you tie your own lures?  Well, they have supplies for you as well.  Want gear?  They have a great line of items like clothing, rod cases, tackle boxes, push poles and rod racks.

Mud Hole Custom Tackle boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and I can attest to the fact that they do their best to please their customers!  They also offer international shipping.

Go check out their website.  Request a catalog, sign up for one of their rod building classes, or watch one of their informative videos. Their website is easy to navigate.  And guess what?  They have gift certificates!  With Mother's Day and Father's Day both looming on the horizon, this would be a perfect gift for the outdoors person in your life.

They also have a Facebook Page.

Again, I'd like to thank Mud Hole Custom Tackle for their fabulous customer service and pleasant employees.  It was my pleasure to do business with you!


  1. Great post! I've been looking for a money-making idea to do in my spare time and now I may look into custom rod making. It's always great to hear about the positive side of customer service...some companies just get it.

    1. The rod and reel we had made was a gorgeous gift for our daughter. You should check into learning how to do that. I bet you'd like it.

  2. What a nice story to hear. Thanks, Kim! :)

    1. Thanks Gail. Everyone always hears about the bad stuff, so I thought I'd let people know about this good experience.

  3. Thanks for this Kim, it's nice to hear good news about customer service for a change!! I have recently had horrible luck with it, and welcome some positives!! Thanks!

    1. It's a shame that good customer service seems to be an exception these days and not the rule. More companies could take a lesson from Mud Hole.

  4. Hey I remember that rod!!! There is a reason why Ed uses them - glad to hear they took care of you!

  5. I love business success stories! They are the few who stand out in the "people skills" side of business that is sooooooo hard to find. Kudos to you for recognizing them. I always try to drop a positive word on a company when I feel they or their product exceeded my expectations. I get more free stuff for compliments than I would ever get for complaints (not that getting stuff is the goal). People will actually complain just to get a free-bee. They are the ones who truly put the rest of us at a disadvantage. The other night at the restaurant I made a lobster scampi and after 3/4 of it was consumed the table returned it to the kitchen saying it was blan at best and they didn't want anything else. The waiter ask me should he take it off the bill and I instructed to discount it @25% (the portion they did not eat). The customer was pissed and when she told me she was never coming back I said, "GOOD". My lobster scampi BLAN at best, hit the road swindler.

    1. Well Kevin, if I ever get out your way, I'm coming to the restaurant. Lobster scampi sounds awesome!! And I bet its delish!!

  6. It does sound like a great company. I would love to get back into fishing. I know I told you before...the first conversation I ever had with my 'husband to be' was about fly fishing. Maybe he was impressed...heehee! Enjoy your day my friend!


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