Friday, March 15, 2013

Geocaching Sites I Visit

Spring is in the air and geocachers are on the move!  Not that a huge majority of us don't cache during the winter, but spring just brings us out like little blooms on a vine.  It feels good to be out in the sunshine and fresh air, stretching our legs on the trails, hitting up the woods and forest preserves before leaves are on the trees and mosquitoes and ticks swarm the air.

If you're new to Geocaching and want to find out how to register and discover all you need to know about geocaching, then visit the official Geocaching site.

If you want to read about what it's really like to be out and about searching for caches, then I think the best thing to do is to visit other geocaching blogs.  Geocachers love to share their stories and best of all - they post pictures!  Visiting geocaching blogs is a great learning tool and I don't know of any geocacher that isn't willing to answer a few questions.   Here's a list of some of my favorite geocaching blogs....

CacheCrazy is headed up by my good buddy Kevin and I'm a frequent contributor over there.  But besides that, there's a revolving group of excellent writers and cachers who share their tales and I guarantee you will love this blog.....

 Dave, over at Googlebot is one of my favorite blog writers.  Not only does he also contribute over at CacheCrazy, but he does an excellent job of telling a story and supplies great photos.  He finds some really interesting caches and I have him to blame for my growing list of "Out of State to-do" caches...

Madcacher blog which also offers the great book "101 Devil Caches" and I reviewed here.

Geocache: I'm Not Obsessed, Right? who also hosts the Geosnippets podcast.

Erika Jean who shares her Arizona caching adventures.

Life Outside my Door where Sonny shares caching in Georgia.

Take some time and go check them all out and then go find a geocache!


  1. Thanks for the nod. I am glad you enjoy my stuff. I promise to do my best to find more awesome caches for you do add to your out-of-state list.

  2. It's freezing cold here. No running around outside going on here!!! We are expecting more snow for the next few days....ugh!!

  3. Thanks for all of the wonderful links! I know we would love doing this some time! It would be more fun in NC though! Hugs!

  4. NC is where Dave (googlebot) caches. LOTS of good ones there.

  5. More blogs to explore, fun!!! Only I'm so behind on my regular blogs right now... looking into new ones could be dangerous!

    I've got to write about my Geocaching adventure last weekend in Santander (north of Spain), day before a wedding. DNF and a find, both lots of fun! The DNF borderline dangerous in my opinion... but GORGEOUS spot!

    1. I was wondering when you were going to go again. Do tell!

    2. As soon as possible! Problem is I have 400 photos to go through from the wedding itself (to send to my friends), plus the photos and video I took the day before while walking along the coast (and geocaching)... and I STILL haven't done the photos from my hike two weeks ago and my hiking group is eagerly awaiting those on Facebook! :p

      Oh, I actually went look for 3 caches, one wasn't "physical". I had to stand at the coordinates and search around for a non-living animal. I'm hoping it's a rock formation I saw which kind of looked like a camel, 'cause otherwise I have no idea! I need to e-mail the CO before I can "claime" it! :p

  6. Thanks for the link love!!! ... and for giving me a couple more blogs to read ;-)


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