Sunday, March 3, 2013

A PJ Party

Today I'm joining Claudia over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for a Pajama Party!

From her blog....

I started the Flannel Pajamas Club more than a year ago and posted the requirements for membership:
• You must love wearing your flannel pajamas.
• Simply loving them isn’t enough. You have to find any excuse to wear them.
• Possible excuses: “But I need to clean the house.” “My writing suffers if I’m not comfortable.” “It’s 3:00 pm.” ” It gets dark early.” “I just came home from work and I have to change my clothes, so why waste another outfit? I’ll just go straight to my pajamas.”
• More excuses: “If I must cook, then I have to wear my flannel pjs.” “But I’m drinking hot chocolate.“
• That’s all. Simple.

So, ok, I don't often wear flannel pajamas.  I usually wear sweat pants and a tee shirt, until my daughter bought me this super comfortable Victoria's Secret nightgown for Christmas.  It's ultra soft and comfy.  But old habits die hard, so I generally wear sweatpants underneath.  I know, I'm a real looker....  LOL!

Since I work from home, I am guilty of wearing my pajama's while talking on the phone to clients, typing contracts, writing invoices and paying bills.  I'll cook breakfast, lunch or dinner while wearing them.  I've shoveled snow in our driveway while wearing a coat over them.  I've fished off the dock in Kentucky and went so far as to actually clean fish while wearing them.  I've walked along the beach on Sanibel Island looking for shells and got soaked by the waves in my pajamas.   I've driven my kids to school in the morning while wearing them.  I'll even go across the street to our friends house while wearing them.  I haven't gone geocaching in them yet, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

The worst thing that ever happened to me in my pajama's (not this pair, but a really nice pair I got from the Disney store) was that I got skunked in them.  I walked out to my car at 11:00 pm one summer night to get something and a skunk came around the garage, and sprayed me from 3 feet away!  It was NOT good!!!   I made the mistake of running into the house, jumped in the shower, and my husband dumped cans of tomato juice over my head.  I scrubbed myself raw with soap and comet.  The scent of skunk stayed with me for weeks.  My house smelled to high heaven.  Did I mention that it was NOT good????  To this day I cannot stand the smell of skunk.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Plus I had to throw out my favorite pajama's. 

Well, I was brave and posted a photo of me in my favorite jammies.  Will you?  Head over to Claudia's for the pajama party.  I'm bringing margarita's and guacamole.  Hangover's are optional.


  1. LOL! Another thing we have in common!! We wear the sweatpants (2 sizes too big) and Tshirts....but we call them 'comfys' we get home and true relaxation doesn't start until we have on our comfys!! Since I'm retired now, there have been days when I wore them all day!! :)

  2. Skunked?! Oh no! That happened to a dog of mine years ago. It is more horrid than most imagine-- and does last for days!! Cute jammies by the way!

  3. I am having fun at this PJ party! Tshirts and loose pants are my hangout clothes but I sleep in nightgowns. Enjoyed your post and oh no Skunked...ewwww!


  4. I love, love your stories about your pjs. Working in them is heaven to me - and since you work from home, Kim, you've got it made! Now if only I could go to rehearsals in pajamas! You clearly are a girl after my own heart. There's not a lot that can't be done in pjs.

    Being skunked is not fun. We had skunks living under our house in CA and we were constantly battling the smell of skunk which would linger for ages. And our dogs got skunked, too. Did you have to ditch those pajamas or were you able to get the scent out of them?

    Thanks so much for joining in on my little party!


  5. Oh my goodness! Skunked....It has happened to my dogs on several occasions, but not me. Jammies are so comfortable. I could live in them all day. Sweat shirts are great too.

  6. Next time my husband goes geocaching (and I am with him), I'll wear my pyjamas. It must be even more fun. :-) You look great! Have a nice day. Regula

  7. Chuckling over your skunk encounter!!

  8. Yuck!!! On the skunk encounter. :p

    Fun PJ story otherwise! I too love my comfy PJs! Up until last month most of the classes I've been teaching were all in the afternoon, so I got used to staying in my comfy PJs until it was time to get a shower and leave the house! I mean, why switch out of comfy clothes into something else when you're going to be doing stuff at home? Sometimes I'll also change back into them hours before going to be, particularly if I'm going to be watching smthg on TV. Comfy and cosy on the sofa please! :o)
    Sadly my flannel PJs passed on to a better life a few years ago and I haven't seen any decent comfy ones since then. But I can't complain too much, my current Snowy (from Tintin) PJS are both comfy and a lot of fun! :p

  9. I used to work from home and loved the dresscode: pj's:)

    I've been geocaching just once,with my son. What fun!

  10. Hi there, nice to meet you for the pajama party! I'm laughing at your stories...sorry, even the skunk one. Even though I know it wasn't funny when it happened. :-o Margaritas and guacamole - while wearing pajamas? I'm so there!

  11. Nothing worse than skunk smell. I was too tired from running around yesterday to join in Claudia's party, but I definitely love my flannel jammies and I am happy to be in them for any occasion :)

  12. Look how cute you are! I love this color combination, too! Well....I missed the party but I love wearing pjs to lounge in. I sleep in a cotton gown but I love relaxing in pjs after an early bath. Your skunk story is funny....well, not really! haha! Hugs!

  13. i can spend lots of time in my bathrobe, but not really in my jammies....other than sleeping. either way, comfort is necessary!!


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