Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 Million and Counting

The geocaching community has just celebrated a major milestone - the 2 millionth active geocache was just published on Feb. 28th.  Located in Australia, GC46N4E sounds worthy of this great honor.  Rated with a terrain and difficulty rating of 3.5 each, the cache promises a spectacular view of the city of Alice Springs.

As of today, the cache has only 1 find and 2 DNF's.  But geocachers from around the globe have logged in and left well wishes on the cache page.

Watch the YouTube video "2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute" here

Go here to read about the special geocaching souvenirs that are being released.  Souvenirs are like little postcards that you can earn and they get posted onto your geocaching homepage....

I think an Australian Souvenir would look great on my cache page - anyone up for taking a trip???


  1. Wouldn't that be a fun adventure???

  2. I'm always up for taking a trip! Plus the only part of Australian I've seen is Tasmania (gorgeous!), so I definitely need to get down there to visit the rest of the country! ;o)

  3. Question: how do you "get" those souvenirs? I have found one in Spain after all! ;o)

    1. Never mind! I just checked my page and a Spain souvenir appeared on there as if by magic! :p
      What I don't see is my DNF for the mountain top last weekend... do DNFs appear on your profile? Am wondering if logging it from the app instead of the computer made a difference...

    2. I was wondering if your Spain one showed up. Did you figure out your DNF yet?

  4. 2 million is an incredible number. I definitely think you should go and get it. :)


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