Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayers for Moms Surgery

A lot of you are familiar with my mom - she makes frequent visits here on my blog. 

She's having her first of 2 knee replacement surgeries today.  She's scrappy and a fighter and she's mentally prepared for the tough road of physical therapy ahead. 

She loves to go to geocaching events....

gets excited when she catches bluegill....

makes us yummy ham noodles....

likes to phoon.....

and of course, loves to go geocaching.....

Mom knows that all these things will be a lot easier after her surgery and she's ready.  Secretly I think she's just having the surgery because she wants to beat me to the caches.  Now mom, I don't want you climbing any trees after your surgery!

Please say a prayer for my mom's surgery and for a speedy recovery.


  1. I'll be thinking of your mom today, and saying a prayer. She's going to be just fine, and maybe she will beat you to the caches lol!

  2. Kim, I'm praying for her and I'll mention her at our Men's Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday morning. Keep us updated. Tell her the best therapy is Geocaching. I got out for a few after my heart surgery; it's just that my wife had to push me in the wheelchair. LOL

  3. Prayers for your mom! My FIL had it done and has been so happy. She needs to get back out there with you for sure.

  4. I love your Mom! She always has a smile on her face and she is sooooo proud of you Kim! I have some strong prayers lined up in my arsenal and I'll bust them all out for her. Please keep us posted on her recovery and before you know it, she'll be out caching and having fun again soon. God bless, BH

  5. Wishing your mom a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  6. Think about you Kim and of course your Mum, tell her to get well soon from across the great pond here in the UK, we need our senior geocachers.

  7. You better start practising your sprints Kim, because I'm sure that in no time your mom will definitely be beating you to those caches! ;o)

    Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery! But tell her to take the physical rehabilitation seriously and mind her physiotherapist!!!

    Hugs to all of you! :o)

  8. Thanks for all the well wishes - Quick update - mom is out of surgery and in her room and sitting up, so that's good.

  9. I guess my comment did not go though but I am wishing your mom well. :)

  10. She sure is a beautiful Mom! I'm keeping her in my prayers and hope everything goes well! Sweet southern hugs, Diane

  11. Kim, I hope your mom's surgery went well. J

  12. hope everything went well. sending positive thoughts ur moms way!


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