Friday, December 7, 2012

Fort Sheridan Re-Visited

Last week we had a nice day, so we scooted back to Fort Sheridan to finish up a couple of caches that we didn't get to find the last time we were up there.

We had a DNF on Anti Aircraft Gun  when we previously had way too much muggle traffic, so we couldn't search.  This time there was no one around and we had more time to investigate the many possibilities.  I was convinced the cache was hidden in one spot, but I was clearly wrong.  Louie felt it was in another spot and after continued prodding, I grudgingly looked, and damn if he wasn't right!  It was cleverly hidden someplace on this gun.

I really liked the next cache location, Red Hawk Eyes, because it's a huge nest, with a hawk and giant eggs for kids to climb all over.  Well, maybe a few adults like to climb on it as well, but I'm not saying who...  Louie definitely had his geosenses going that day, because he found the super tiny cache at this location....

The next cache was hidden someplace near this overhead cable system.  Again, Louie quickly found the cache...

I always enjoy geocaching near Lake Michigan.  Here we had to climb down a huge wooden staircase to get to the shoreline trail for the next set of caches.....

After finding a few caches, we explored the beach and then headed back up the stairs.....

We ended up finding 7 geocaches that morning, stopped for a little phooning and called it a day!


  1. When are you guys going to get some snow?

    1. Since we PLOW SNOW for a living, we are wondering the same thing. :-( One more day and Chicago hits a record for longest period of time without snow. Cripes!

  2. Looks like a fabulous day! You'll have people recognizing you soon and asking for autographs! Enjoy your weekend and this nice weather!

  3. I hope you get some snow. This weather has been crazy. Not like December at all.

  4. What a neat area to explore! The bird nest is cool. WTG on 7 caches! Good job!

  5. a bird in a geocache found!


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