Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Groundspeak Headquarters

(Signal the Frog, photo from Groundspeak)

Groundspeak was founded in 2000 to manage Geocaching.com, which is the global headquarters for the sport of geocaching.  Groundspeak Headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington and it's also the location of an official geocache -  GCK25B.   Lackeys is an honorary term used to describe the Groundspeak founders and their employees.  Being a Lackey is considered a badge of honor.

In order to gain access to the building you have to make an appointment ahead of time.  Their current hours for visiting are from 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday.  Once inside they'll give you a tour and you can officially "find" the geocache, which I understand is a huge treasure chest, loaded with travel bugs from around the world.  Then you can log in on the log book, trade for swag and take some pictures.

To date, over 4000 geocachers have logged in at the site and over 830 cachers have named it one of their favorite caches.  Currently there are over 70 TB's sitting there waiting to be traded.

I hope to one day be able to make the trip to Seattle and visit Groundspeak Headquarters.


  1. Cool frog! It's not that far... and the Northwest coast is beautiful in the summer, go ahead and hop on a plane this year! ;o)

  2. I've done Groundspeak. While you are in the area you should do the Tunnel Of Light (if the cache is muggled, it is still well worth the hike - check my blog in the July/August 2011 timeframe for a post on the tunnel). Also the Original Stash is near Portland, a mere 5 hour drive away.

    If you do go to the PNW, I have some geocaching friends there that would be more than happy to tour guide you around. Let me know

  3. When you go, do venture outside of Seattle! You must see more of Washington's coastline, and the beauty of the Northwest. It is one of my favorite states.

    Essentially Groundspeak is to geocachers what Sanibel is to shellers!

  4. You should come down to Oregon. Lots of great places to visit in the Portland area. The Gorge is awesome. And I've heard there's lots of geocaches here too.

  5. My sister just moved to Washington. She says it's beautiful!

  6. A friend of mine just got a tattoo a couple of days ago of that exact image of Signal the Frog - yeah, she's that into geocaching!


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