Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloodhounded - Geocacher of the Month Nominee

Let's hear a BIG round of applause for my good geocaching friend Kevin, aka, Bloodhounded.  Kevin has been nominated for the Geocacher of the Month Award!

Taken from the official geocaching blog page:  Every month, Lackeys at Groundspeak Headquarters have the chance to learn about the outstanding geocachers in our community. They are nominated by community members for “Featured Geocacher of the Month” because they exemplify innovation, creativity, respect for the environment, and helpfulness. Based off of these nominations and the votes on our blog, each month Groundspeak selects one “Featured Geocacher.” We continue to be stunned by the number of quality candidates as well as the number of geocachers who participate in this monthly process. 

Kevin, aka Bloodhounded, is the driving force behind my favorite geocaching blog (other than mine of course)  CacheCrazy.  I have the honor of being a frequent administrative author over there and I've gotten to know Kevin pretty well over the past year.  Let me tell you - he is one great guy.  But the thing I like the most about him is his dedication to spreading the word about geocaching, both through his blog and also through the geocaches he takes the time to create and place.  They are pretty ingenious.  Plus, he is very involved with scouting and has taken scouts on geocaching excursions to teach them the fun of the sport.

So, if you're a registered geocacher, please take the time to hop over to Geocacher of the Month and cast your vote for Bloodhounded.  The geocaching community will thank you!  I thank you!  And also go over to CacheCrazy and tell him congrats!

Way to go buddy!!!!

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  1. This is super nice of you Kim and thank you, I'm humbled.
    As I've said before, I'm already the winner, by being nominated by my peers and getting to the final three well, let me just say its an awesome feeling!


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