Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn Caching

The cooler weather is making it so nice to be out in the woods geocaching.  We aren't sweating from the heat, the mosquitoes aren't sucking all our blood and the ticks are going where ever ticks go when the temperatures drop.  Thank goodness!  However, shorter days are seriously cutting into my evening caching time.  We are eating dinner quickly and running out to grab a few.

Yesterday we were out with my mom and dad.  We haven't been doing too many forest caches because of the skeeters and ticks, so we were anxious to get out and hike a little.

My favorite cache yesterday was an ammo can hidden near a bridge....  with a twist!  It was misleading because the cache page told you exactly WHAT we were looking for - an ammo can.  So we went in search of the cache with a preconceived notion of what we were looking for.   Can you see Louie under the bridge?

After scrambling around under the bridge,  we quickly realized that the ammo can wasn't a standard size at all, but a small one, about 3 inches big.  This was a very clever ruse on the part of the cache owner and made finding the cache a lot of fun and very satisfying.

At this next cache Louie did a little balance beam tree climbing.  He was out over a lake, so he had to be careful and watch his step....

It was really a shame that the cache wasn't where he thought it was and he did all that careful climbing for nothing.  I found the cache much closer to shore!

We dropped a TB into another cache to move it along....

This cache had a Wizard of Oz theme and the cache container was the "melted witch." 

There was no cache hidden here but we stopped to take a picture cuz we all liked the car!

This cache found me deep inside a pine tree, signing the log sheet....

At our last stop for the day mom had to sit and wait for us on a stump.  There was a little too much bushwacking at this cache for her to safely continue.....

This cache was a normal sized ammo can and I dropped off  2 more TB's to move along. 

It was a beautiful caching day and we were really happy to be out in the woods again!


  1. This is so interesting! I'm enjoying your adventure...and your blog! Hopped over from Del's shells! ♥

  2. Lavender: Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm a big fan of Della and her work!

  3. You girls say the sweetest things!

    That is the cutest little ammo can! I just love miniatures!
    It looks like you all had a great time getting out in nature, and what an adventurous caching day you had! Wow! Great pics too! It nearly felt like I was there ;D


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