Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hiking to the top of Gibraltar Rock

While we were in Wisconsin, one of our caches took us to Gibraltar Rock.   We went up to this area for years and had never even heard of Gibraltar Rock, so we were pleasantly surprised to find out about it.  Here is the view of the cliffs as we drove up towards it....

We circled behind the rock and pulled into the parking area.  Surprisingly, there was only one other car in the lot.  We grabbed our cameras and backpacks and started up the trail....

It was really a nice hike.  The trail was wide and pretty even footing.  The last 300 feet or so were pretty steep, but other than that, it wasn't bad.   At the top we found the marker.  We had to get some information off of this in order to find the 2nd stage of this multi-stage cache.

I was extremely disappointed that some idiots named Dana and JLZ  felt it was necessary to carve their stupid names and initials into the historical marker.  Jerks!  Stuff like that really pisses me off.

Once we got the info we needed from the marker, we scrambled over to the edge to enjoy the view - Wow - what a view!!!

We climbed around a bit so we could get a shot of a different direction as well....

My dad was intent on taking photos over the edge....  Boys will be boys!

Apparently I have a lot of my dad in me.....  Louie said he was so afraid that a gust of wind was going to blow us off the edge.  I think he may have been trying to shove me off.  What do you think?

Up at the top we also found a geological marker.  We find these in the strangest places....

Afterwards we hiked back down, got in our car and drove to the 2nd stage of the cache where we quickly found the container.  Climbing on Gibraltar Rock was one of the highlights of my day!

Remember the Pink Elephant I told you about?  This cool guy was near another cache.

I have 2 more cool caches to tell you about, but I'll wait until tomorrow!


  1. lol! When I read the title to your post in my Blogger feed, my first reaction was "they're in SPAIN?!?" ;o)

    Looks like another gorgeous site for a cache!

    and that elephant is a hoot! :D

  2. Cris: Believe me, if I were lucky enough to go to Spain, I'd be looking you up and taking you caching with me!

  3. I believe you! And I'd definitely meet up anyplace on the Peninsula! ;o)

  4. Oh! Love the photos--really lovely scenery (except for the pink elephant, which is more, er, cute? whimsical? scary?!)

  5. You know why people get away with that stuff? Because people let them. Way to call them out, and I'll do the same...

    Dana and JLZ - you're jerks!

    Now that we've said that - great article. Looks like fun!

  6. First of all, everything about Wisconsin is awesome, GO PACK!

    Couple things:

    * I love the pictures!
    * The writing is great too!
    * My VERY FIRST thought was, "are they in Spain? so I'm with Cris cuz ya never know with you guys!
    * I know some extreme geocachers that would love to rappel those clifs, yikes!
    * I love the pic where it looks like Lou is going to give you just a little PUSH, lol!
    * And the one with dad, he still looks in better shape than me I see, grrrrrr
    * And finally, that pink elephant is freaking scary! so Kim I'm with you too...

    So, now that we are all on the same page, great post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOL!! I thought the elephant was cute! And I wish I were rich, cuz there are SO many places I want to go - Italy, Spain and Hawaii are high on my list....


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