Friday, August 31, 2018

Blogger - No Comments

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on my posts the past few weeks.  Blogger has made some changes and for some reason they haven't been notifying me that I had comments to publish.  And here I thought nobody was reading my blog anymore....    LOL.  I was so happy to see some old familiar faces still stopping by!

There have been lots of changes this year.  I'll be back soon with updates!


  1. I wasn't getting the emails either but today I did. Hopefully they have fixed it

  2. Happened to all of us I think! I solved it by deleting my e-mail in the "comment notification" box, saving the settings like that, and then re-requesting comment notification with my email and saving it again. Worked like a charm! Then 2 days later I got a notification from blogger asking me to renew my subscription to all the blog comments... LOL!
    I think it has to do with the new data protection law that was implemented in Europe this past Spring...


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