Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Give Me that Old Time Music

I have been on an "Old Time Music" kick.  It all started a couple of months ago when I bought a few old vinyl albums to sell at the Antique Mall.

They started selling almost immediately.   So I started buying more albums along with 45's and those started selling.

I even added some to my Etsy shop.  Then I got to thinking that it would be really fun to actually listen to some of those great old albums.  So I looked on line and found a nice modern portable record player and I bought it so I could start listening to the records before I sold them.

I realized that I was buying a lot of the music that I had originally bought in the 1960's - 1980's, along with music that my parents listened to when I was a kid.  Unfortunately, the advent of cassette tapes sort of made vinyl albums obsolete.  I had a huge collection and I threw away all my old records.  What the heck was I thinking????  I was sick about it then and I'm even more sick about it now.

I've found lots of great old show tune albums...

Who doesn't love the Beach boys?  This album is Fab!

One of the greatest singers in the world...

I was even able to track down my 2 favorite albums of all time...

All of the albums you see pictured here are now in my personal collection.  I'm also on the lookout for a vintage record cabinet that I can restore and use to hold my record player and my albums.  Something mid century modern.  I think that would look very cool.

Then one day we were at an estate sale and Louie found this great old Crosley record player.  It's in excellent condition and sounds wonderful.  If I hadn't just bought a portable record player I would have kept this one for myself.  It's such a beauty.  I took it to the antique mall and it kills me to see it sitting there with a price tag.  I so want to keep it for myself.  If somebody doesn't snatch it up soon it may just make it's way back to my house...

So, what's your all time favorite album?


  1. I always loved listening to records! I still have some of my 45s but got rid of all my albums. I liked my Beatles albums and Elvis...of course! It would be fun to set up a little music center and ENJOY the old time music! A very feel good thing! Hugs!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love your collection and own most all of them myself. You just can't beat the good music of our day! Love the record player too!


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