Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why you should use EBATES

Sign up for EBATES - It's FREE. They work with big name stores like Amazon, Marriott Hotels, Penney's, Walmart, Neiman Marcus, Bath & Body Works, Groupon, Sears and Kohl's among many others.

Here's basically how it works...
  • Sign up on their site and use their links whenever you buy something on-line. Hey, if you're going to order something on-line, why not use it and get the rebate credit, right? With the holidays coming up, lots of you are going to be ordering gifts from on-line stores and if they are affiliated with the Ebates program, you're going to get a rebate. Why in the world wouldn't you use them and get that money back? It's money in your pocket.
Here's an example - say you want to book a hotel using You click on their EBATES link and you'll see a page like this. You choose it and it will redirect you to and when you book it, you get 4 % back. Holy cow!! Easy right?

  • Ebates makes their payments to you 4 times a year. I signed up last year and I've gotten money back every quarter. If you want, you can have your money sent to your Pay Pal account. What could be easier?
  • You also earn money when you refer people and they sign up and use Ebates. More free money! For every 3 people who sign up and use it, YOU earn $ 100.00. Yes, one hundred dollars.

I just got a rebate check of $ 60.00. It's well worth it.  Go to Ebates and check out their huge list of stores. I bet you'll find at least 10 stores that you buy from.

Use this link. Use me as a referral and I will earn a few dollars from it. Sign up now and earn money in your pocket almost every time you purchase something on line. Thanks!


  1. I've used Ebates for several years now. It is like "found" money-- if you remember to use it!!

    1. SO true - I just installed a link on my chrome bar that reminds me to use it whenever I log into a site that accepts it.

  2. Hmmm...I have heard of this and thought about trying it. Maybe I will sign up under you. I'll check it out! Have a great week...:)


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