Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Visiting Colorado 2015 Post 2

Day 2 of our trip started bright and early because we wanted to get in a hike before the wedding.  We stopped at Chubby's for a take out breakfast burrito.  If you're ever in Littleton, stop here for breakfast.   It's just a little standing room only place, the kind of local only restaurant that I love.  They have excellent breakfast burrito's.  I got an egg, potato and cheese burrito.

And my brother in law spotted the Donut Hut next door so we ran over for coffee and donuts. OMG - out of this world donuts!  I didn't get any pictures because we scarfed them down.

Once we were fueled up on donuts and burritos, we headed over to South Valley Park.  

South Valley Park is known for their red sandstone spires and easy terrain trails.  And look at the view - isn't it pretty?  Oh, that's my daughter.  LOL!

Of course, once we reached the spires we had to climb around a little.  That's half the fun, right?

Even Snoopy had to get in on the fun...

I could have spent all day climbing on the rocks but we were short on time so we headed off down another trail...

There was even a rock staircase in one spot....

We sat in the sun, took a break and had snacks while enjoying the view...

We hiked for about 2 hours and then grabbed a quick lunch before heading back to our hotel to get ready for the wedding.  The wedding was in Denver and was almost an hour's drive from our hotel.  As we were driving we spied 2 things and my sister and I screamed at her husband to get off the expressway because we had to make a detour.  OMG - it was a Goodwill Bins store.  I have only read about The Bins on other blogs.  We don't have anything like that in Chicago and wedding or no wedding, we were stopping.  Chablis was appalled that we were walking through a Goodwill store in our wedding attire....

But look at all the stuff!   Laurie and I weren't missing out on that!

I thought it was pretty funny actually and no one even gave us a second look.  Laurie bought a couple of things that she took home with her and has already sold on Ebay, so it was well worth the stop.

The second place we wanted to stop was at a Marijuana store and it was just down the street from the Goodwill store.  I call that a two- for -one stop!  The marijuana stores are everywhere in Colorado and I just had to go see one in person.

Laurie didn't have her ID with her so they wouldn't let her into the store.  She had to stand out in the lobby and stare at us through the window which I thought was hysterical.

It was kind of like being in an old fashioned candy store...

They had recreational and medical marijuana.  The clerk was telling us what a booming business it is in Colorado.  The industry is getting mixed reviews from the residents, both good and bad.

After making our unplanned stops we still made it to the wedding with time to spare.  It was a lovely ceremony and we had a great time dancing the night away afterwards.  Here's my handsome nephew and his beautiful bride.  Congrats again you two!

Next up is our day trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming.


  1. Not sure which I think was funniest- the fancy wedding attire in the Goodwill Store or the marijuana store

  2. Looks like a hike I'd enjoy! And I had to laugh that you made a pit stop at Goodwill. :) Yes, we have pot shops here in Oregon now (it became legal Oct 1st) but I haven't been to one. Not my thing.

    1. I have to say that's the most dressed up I've ever been in a Goodwill. LOL

  3. What interesting souvenirs . . . lol. What a sweet couple! You have a lovely family. :)

  4. From Goodwill to 'mary jane' ... and nuptials for dessert!? Girl, you crack me up!

  5. Good food, Beautiful views, stores :) and wedding what a fun trip!

  6. Hi Kim,
    I am just getting a chance to catch up on some blog reading tonight...
    I have never been to Colorado before, it is on my list of places to visit someday! Loved taking this little trip vicariously! ;)
    Those burritos looked amazing, and donuts too - now that's my kind of breakfast!
    I didn't know Goodwill had bin stores...where I am from in Canada they have used clothing stores called Frenchy's and they are all bin type takes awhile to perfect your skills at bin shopping! ;)
    Loved that you guys were all dressed up fancy to go to Goodwill! ;)
    Can't wait to see your next post!

    1. Interesting about the Bins stores. I can't believe we don't have those in Chicago.

      You MUST go to Colorado. It's beautiful there and well worth the trip.

      Be sure to come back and read Fridays post about our day trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming. And next week I'll have my post on Starved Rock - that's another place you have to go to and only 90 minutes from our area.

  7. I had never heard of a bin store! You just go through bins of clothes that people have donated? I forgot about legal Marijuana in Colorado too, what an adventure you had....and the scenery is Gorgeous!! Thanks for taking us along!! :)

    1. Yes, just rows and rows of Bins. Each bin had something different like bins of shoes, bins of clothes, bins of games. It was crazy.


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