Monday, November 23, 2015

Geocaching at Volo Bog

Two weeks ago we went out to Volo Bog to do a little hiking and grab some geocaches that are placed along the trails.  Volo Bog is a State Natural Area in Illinois.  From Wikipedia:  Volo Bog State Natural Area is a nature reserve in Illinois, United States, preserving Volo Bog. The bog was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1973 as the only remaining open-water quaking bog in Illinois.[1] 

The trails are very easy and run through a variety of terrains, which makes them interesting because of the variety.  We walked through woods, prairie, and across boardwalks over water....

A few lone berries that the birds haven't found yet....

A cache is actually hidden near this deck....

We got there early in the morning when the Bog first opened up and we had the place practically to ourselves.  By the time we were finished about 2 hours later, it was starting to get crowded..

I think I liked the floating walkways the best!

We found 2 baby snapping turtles crawling along the trail...

This was a duck blind and a cache is hidden here as well...

Now for some of the geocaches.  I can't show you all of them, but I will show a few.  If anyone is interested in doing the series, here's the link to the first one, Volo Bog #01, and you can find the rest of them from there.

Does anyone want to guess where this cache is?

This was a very clever cache and nicely hidden....

This was my favorite one of the series - Wicked Witch anyone??

I've seen this type of hide before so I had an idea of what we were looking for....

This one was really cute....

The cache container for this one was actually missing and we found the log sheet hanging in the tree like this.  I believe the container has since been replaced...

This one was very well hidden....

Can you believe the spider was the cache?  LOL!

All in all it was a nice morning.  We did an easy hike, Volo Bog is someplace we had never been before and we found 16 geocaches along the trail.  


  1. Replies
    1. It was so small too. And he was no where near any water.

  2. Looks like and interesting place - and caches too!

    1. It's my favorite combination - hiking and geocaching.

  3. I've never heard of Volo Bog. Interesting! Looks wonderful!

    1. I'm surprised. It's about an hour north of Chicago, near Rand Road and Rt. 120. There's a great auto museum and antique mall out there too.

  4. Looks like you had beautiful weather for your latest geocaching adventure!

  5. I don't get out much, so maybe that's why I've never heard of "geocaching." I enjoyed reading about it and can see how such a thing could become addictive. Who doesn't love a good game of hide-and-seek?

  6. Oh, wow. Looks like there was a ton of them. That spider one though. . .I personally would have left it alone. I have a hard time even looking at the picture you took. Eek!!
    SOunds like a fun day though!

    1. LOL - My son HATES them. I once came home from vacation and there was an upside down cup sitting on the kitchen floor. Underneath it was a spider that my son had trapped a few days earlier.


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