Thursday, October 22, 2015

Geocaching in Wisconsin - October 2015

If it seems like we've been geocaching in Wisconsin a lot lately, well, it's because we have been!  We discovered an area that is ripe with fantastic geocaches, so we keep going back to get more.  It's so refreshing to get something that is fun and unusual, as opposed to the many lamp skirt caches we tend to find.

I think one of my favorite caches ever was Say Cheese.   A lot of work and effort went into this super creative geocache.  And it's out in plain sight in front of a cheese store.

Caches like this lead to some great photo opportunities and even my dad got in on the fun...

I mean seriously, how many times in your life can you stick your head into a mousetrap??  People walking in and out of the store were cracking up when they saw what we were doing.

The next geocache was called Rocket Man and was located only a block away from Say Cheese.

This is another cache that is hidden in plain sight.  The back of the sign had this explanation on it...

Dad did the honors and I was surprised that I was able to get a shot of the rocket flying out of the pipe...

How fun is that?  We all had a good laugh over that one...

I'm a big fan of Lending Libraries, especially when I can leave a book and pick up a geocache.   This one is called Hot Dog and is another example of fine craftsmanship....

The Slinger Fire Department  is another excellent geocache.  Check out this fire truck that is hidden behind the Slinger Fire Department...

There are all kinds of knobs and buttons that need to be pushed and pulled in order to open the trap door to expose the geocache...

We had a good time pressing everything until finally the door opened.  We still don't know what we did to open it.  LOL....

We found another Lending Library - Cotton Candy is sugar and spice and everything nice!

 Cuckoo! was  cute because you had to figure out how to open the birdhouse....

Flutter, Flutter took us to a nice little park...

 Light the Horn was fun and quick - can you find it?

Cedarburg Little Free Library was a replica of the real depot featured in the next geocache.  It was also the 3rd lending library we found that day....

Cedarburg Railway took us to a historic train depot.  I always enjoy a cache with some history behind it....

Trial and Errors was another great cache.  This one really had us scratching our heads.  We looked for this cache for over 20 minutes....  We looked high....

We looked low and precariously....

 We searched in circles....

And we sat on this natural bench and read past log sheets looking for a clue.  We were almost ready to give up when I spotted something from just the right angle and told dad how to make the grab.   Finally!!  It's such a sweet victory when you find an elusive cache.  Then it took us almost 10 minutes to get the geocache placed back into its hiding spot.

We ended up doing 18 geocaches that day and had a great time.

Now, an interesting thing about the first 6 geocaches in this post is that they were all created by the same geocacher - Doctor Doolittle.  And Doctor Doolittle kindly agreed to an interview, so be sure to come back tomorrow to hear all about some of these amazing geocaches.


  1. Those are so much fun and how cute to get in the mouse trap! Hope the smelly cheese was worth it! hahaha! Love the fire truck and all of the libraries too. I know I should get on board....looks like such fun! Hugs!

    1. These were just wonderful - so much fun. I need to come down and take you some time. :-)

  2. Well that was fun! I enjoyed each and every one of them! I love you in the rat trap! I can't wait to read all about Doctor Doolittle!

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all

  4. Those caches look amazing -- that kind of fun would hook me, too! :)

    1. These are the kind of caches that really make it worth it.

  5. I've never gone geocaching. Looks like lots of fun!

    1. It is a lot of fun - it's a great family activity.

  6. Those mousetrap photos are precious! I'm looking forward to what Dr. D has to allow tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Myra. Truly one of the best caches I've ever done.

  7. So much fun, Kim! And so sweet that you enjoying doing it with your parents. Looking forward to the interview :)

    1. Thanks Diana - it is a great family activity that we can all enjoy.


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