Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Estate Sale Finds 10-06-15

We found some good stuff this weekend.  We only hit a couple of sales on Saturday but I was happy with what we found.

A new with tags Nebraska sweatshirt....

A practically new Chicago Bulls fleece pullover.  The lady told me her son only wore it once and I believe her....

Cute little pewter canister.  I think I'm keeping this for myself....

I can't believe the steal I got on this Great American Nut Machine.  I picked it up and told Louie I was going to paint and distress it.  Then I looked it up when I got home and almost fell off my chair when I saw what it goes for anywhere from $ 15.00 - $ 50.00.   I may be rethinking the distressing....

Did you spy what is behind the Nut Machine???  A printers tray.  This is the first one I've found that was painted, and an ugly green on top of it.  But they usually sell pretty good.  I may leave it that color or I may repaint it before I list it.  I'm undecided....

Love these pink cowgirl boots and I'm definitely not a pink kind of girl.  Louie found them in the back of a closet at the estate sale and they weren't even marked with a price.  I got them for a steal.  They need a really good cleaning and then I'll list them.  They are a size 8.5.  Good thing that's not my size or I'd be really tempted to keep them....

Check out this old Treasure Chest!  It needs some work because one of the side boards is cracked, but we can fix that.  Other than that, I'm not sure what color to paint it and whether or not to stay with the pirate theme.  Suggestions??

The inside is pretty beat up...

And last, but not least....Another trunk.  I need my head examined.  This one is really old and has the original material lining.  Both the leather handles are gone.  It's filthy and it has a smell.  And the lock doesn't work.  We had to actually drill out the top lock piece to even get the trunk open.  I hated to do that but we had no choice.  Plus, I was sort of hoping we'd find something really cool inside - like money.  Hey, I can dream, can't I?

I've been quite busy working on my other trunk that I bought last week.  It's almost finished.  Hopefully I can show it to you this week.


  1. Love the "treasure chest"! I think the green is the perfect color -- too bad there's writing all over it. I bet they could match the color for you at Lowes, etc. :)

  2. Great finds! I keep hoping to come across a printers tray some day! The treasure chest is cool as is the trunk. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Oh I love the treasure chest and another trunk, great finds!! I love the printers tray too, but why did they ever paint it? Must have been used for little knick knacks or something and they painted it to match their décor. I was lucky to find two of them a few years ago and I use one on the wall in my craft room to hold rubber stamps, they are so useful and pretty. I think I would repaint it, or maybe you could try giving it a good sand first and see if you can leave some of the green on and expose the wood? Might be a quicker fix than repainting it??
    I would paint the treasure chest too, and just leave it plain if you are going to sell it, because someone may use it for a kids room, etc. if it is small.
    Awesome finds!

    1. I left the printers tray as it is and I have it listed in my shop already. I have one on my wall now that a girlfriend gave to me and I have it filled with shells.

      I think I will paint that treasure chest and leave it at that. good idea.


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