Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dolly's Designs - Beautiful Aprons

I know that many of you are familiar with my dear friend Dolly from over at Dolly's Designs because I did a blog post on her back in April.  Well Dolly is working fast and furious on her line of one of a kind aprons and listing them in her Etsy shop.

Whenever I go to estate sales I always look through any boxes of old patterns to see if I can find a vintage apron pattern for her.  Last month I actually found one....

I sent it off to Dolly and as a thank you she told me she'd make me the apron of my choice.  I picked pattern G and Dolly was true to her word and made me my apron.  I think she improved upon the original design with her own special twist......

 The apron is a pale yellow with sweet little blue flowers and the material is as soft as can be....

It has a large front pocket, which I love, because I always stuff my cell phone and a pen and paper in there.  Check out the adorable little embroidered Dutch girl she added.  It is the sweetest thing!

Plus a couple of finishing touches....

And if that wasn't enough, Dolly also included this beautiful half apron.  It's a lovely shade of burnt orange with dandelions and bees on it.  Dolly even names each of her aprons - this one is Honeybee Haven. 

Look at the frilly ruffles and the bow ties on each side - it's almost too pretty to wear, isn't it?

Every one of Dolly's aprons are made with great attention to detail.  They are well crafted and stitched for years of use.  On top of that, each apron is a one of a kind.  She never uses the same fabric twice so each one is truly a treasure.  Thank you so much for my lovely gifts Dolly.  I love them and I thank you for your kindness.

Be sure to visit her blog at Dolly's Designs.

Here's a direct link to her shop because I know you want to check out her aprons for yourself.


  1. Replies
    1. Every one that she makes is special in it's own way.

  2. Very cute! Love the little extra touches on the aprons.

  3. Super cute! Much nicer than the shabby things I've been wearing, lol. :)

  4. Like you said, Kim, I really hope she does start an apron frenzy!
    Here, I used to moan and groan (and grumble) about my mother making me put on an apron while in the kitchen ... now, I miss those little touches that used to define 'home.'

    1. Bet you wish you had one of those old aprons too. I wish I had one of my grandmas. xo

  5. That was so nice of you to send Dolly the patterns, Kim!
    And just as nice for Dolly to make the aprons for you! I really love the ruffled apron! You are as cute as a bug!!!

  6. Hi Kim! Oh, how I've missed coming to see you. Hopefully my life will be getting back to some sort of routine soon. Oh, what a sweet apron and look at the cute little model too! Dolly does a most gorgeous job on these darling little aprons! I'm so glad you popped in to see me and I hope you're doing well. Oh, the song is just showing my age. I love The Monkees in the day! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Awesome! :)
    Hope you got my tag on Instagram for the shop that had all vintage aprons on sale!


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