Friday, September 12, 2014

Geocaching In Racine, Wisconsin

In July we took a day trip up to Racine, Wisconsin to do a little geocaching.  I don't remember ever really driving through Racine before, other than stopping at their rest area on the highway, and I have to say - beautiful little town.  It was so clean, quaint and charming that I definitely will be going back there again.  Really a lovely place.

We started off the day with a cute geocache - it was a movie can inside a paint can.  Very creative and fun.  I like geocaches that show a little imagination....

The next geocache was hidden someplace near this look out point by the marina...

While we were on top of the look-out, we scoped out the rocky breakwater wall across the channel.  The next geocache was hidden someplace out at the end of that wall and we had to figure out a way to get over there....

It was a gorgeous day to be on Lake Michigan - crystal clear, sunny and warm with a gentle breeze.  We had a good time wandering up and down the seawall, just enjoying the day.

You can't beat views like this.  I am always drawn to harbors.

I seriously wanted to take this emergency ring home.  Isn't it awesome?

This marina really knows how to cater to the local fisherman.  They have a nice set of hooks for hanging your catch of the day....

And a super nice set up for cleaning and washing your fish.  I think this was the nicest cleaning table I've ever seen...

Once we figured out how to get out to the breakwater wall, we started the long walk out there....

Along the way we found a survey marker.  I always like finding these - I have no idea why, but I do.

See the lighthouse way out there?   We have to go beyond that....

 Here we are at the lighthouse and that's where we left Louie.  He had no desire to climb out on the rocks with us.

See the flag way out there?  We had to slowly pick and choose our way past that point....

And then use a flashlight to climb down into the rocks to find the geocache.  The name of this cache was Match Head in case you're interested in doing it.

Afterwards Chablis and I sat on the rocks and cooled off.  The water was ice cold - even in July, but it was very refreshing.

Since it took us so long to do the Match Head cache, we ended up only doing 5 caches total before we had to head back home.  But not before first stopping at Mars Cheese Castle to pick up some goodies....

Mars Cheese is a popular spot to stop along the highway and I practically refuse to drive by without stopping to get something.

The store is huge and stocked with more varieties of cheese than you can imagine, as well as sausages, honeys, jams, bakery goods and soda's. 

As you can see, Louie came out of the store loaded down with several kinds of cheese, some sausage, a soda and of course a coffee cake.  Any day that starts with geocaching and ends with cheese is a good day!


  1. Quite a workout! Looks like a gorgeous day too. Cheese Castle... hmm... now my brain is churning-- might have been there years back.

    1. It's been there for forever so I wouldn't be surprised. They've given the building a re-haul tho.

  2. Geocaches, lighthouse, cheese.....looks like you had a full day!

  3. What fun - I do not know of any geocaches around here. Is there a good website for locations?

    1. They are probably so close to you that you'd be surprised. Go to and sign up for a free basic membership. Then you can put in your zip code and watch how many pop up close to you. :-) Let me know what you find.

  4. You find the neatest spots, Kim!
    That hike to the lighthouse makes me think of something from TV's Amazing Race!
    Is that something you a Chablis have thought about trying out for?

    1. Oh we'd love to be on The Amazing Race - that would be awesome!

  5. I find your outings interesting though I've never done them.

  6. Thanks for taking us with you! :)


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