Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kentucky 400 Mile Yard Sale

How did I not know about something as cool as the Kentucky 400 Mile Yard Sale??  400 miles of yard sale bliss from Paducah to Mayville Kentucky.  Miles and miles of treasures and junk to paw through and haggle over.  I was in yard sale heaven!!

Chablis and I spent 2 days covering a 30 mile stretch of it along highway 68, and we barely scratched the surface.  There were yard sales everywhere.  In people's front yards, in empty lots, in store parking lots and in churches and community centers.  Everywhere we looked there were tables and tents, shelves and piles upon piles of stuff.  Lines of cars stretched down the highway, looking for parking anyplace they could find it.


Lots of people were selling homemade food items and some places even had huge barbeque pits going....  It sure smelled delicious.

One of my favorite stops was a sale at a gorgeous farm.  They had lots of good junk to pick through, but we were intrigued by their animals and out buildings.  The owner gave us permission to wander around the property and snap some photos.  Here I am in front of their smokehouse and it was filled with curing hams....

How pretty is this guy?  He was definitely the cock of the neighborhood.

The best finds of the 2 days were at this church - they had a giant swap meet set up and they had absolutely the best stuff there....

If you have a chance to partake of the 400 mile Yard Sale next year, be sure you do.  It was a lot of fun and we found a lot of good bargains.  But you'll have to wait until my next post to see what we all bought.

For more information on the 400 Mile Yard Sale visit these this link and this link.


  1. Very cool!!!

    I haven't been to a yard/garage sale since for ever! They don't have them in Spain... I guess because most people live in apartments... My sister tells me in England they're called "boot sales" (as in boot = trunk of your car) and take place in empty lots where people get together and park their cars and sell stuff out of their trunks! :p

  2. Wow that's a good way to have a yard sale - get together with your neighbors. Or in this case - 400 miles of neighbors!

  3. I CAN'T WAIT! heehee! What a fabulous way to see a lot of stuff and have fun along the way! So WHAT did you buy? Tell all! Hugs!

    1. You'll see soon - I'm working on some of it as we speak!

  4. Oh Em Gee! That is the upper echelon of fine junque' & 400 miles of it to boot Yee Haw! Time for an RV hunny!

  5. I'd LOVE an RV - don't even tempt me. LOL!

  6. What a fantastically fun time!! I need to get out and do a little treasure finding this summer!


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