Friday, June 14, 2013

400 Mile Yard Sale Bargains

If you missed my original post about the fabulous 400 Mile Yard Sale, then go back and read about it here.   We covered 30 miles of it over a 2 day period and here are the treasures (well, treasures to us anyway) that we came home with.  We spent just about $ 50.00 on all of this.
I've been wanting a Coca Cola crate for a long time, but they are usually priced in Kentucky at around $ 45.00.  I haggled a bit and got mine for $ 5.00.  Chablis found a Pepsi crate in excellent condition and she paid $ 8.00 for hers.
I picked up the 3 canes for a total of $ 5.00.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but they were old and cool looking.  One has a design inlaid in it, one has a neat knobby end and the other is wrapped with metal.  I just liked the way they looked.
I got a small copy of a Norman Rockwell print for a quarter and I also picked up a nice shadow box for a quarter.  I've already ripped out the stupid cherry tree and painted the frame on that baby.  I'm planning on using it to display my horseshoe crab if it will fit.
Chablis picked up assorted bottles for less than a dollar total.

Chablis also picked up a nice wooden shelf for $ 2.00 dollars, a smaller shelf for 50 cents and that large crate for 8 bucks.  It has a nice cantaloupe sticker on the side that is in perfect condition.  I got that napkin holder for 50 cents even tho I didn't really like the pears painted on the front of it, but I figured I could paint over them. 

My favorite thing though was the table.  I saw it at the swap meet and they wanted $ 30.00 for it.  I don't know why, but I just fell in love with it.  We walked away and went through the entire swap meet and as we were walking to our car an hour later, I told Chablis that I was going to walk back and see if the table was still sitting there.  It was - I took that as a sign.  I offered the woman $ 20.00 for it and she seemed happy to get rid of it.  I was thrilled!  We couldn't carry it to the car quickly enough. 

Next post I'll show you what we've been doing with some of the stuff we bought.


  1. This is a yard sale lovers dream! When we were in AZ a few weeks back we went to a couple of yard sales. It was awesome...only problem was: how to get the stuff home. :-) Glad you are having fun with this. Have a great weekend Kim!

    1. Thanks Astri: It's shaping up to be a great weekend. Hope you have a nice one as well!

  2. I can see some shells in the future of that shadowbox shelf.

  3. Kewl stuff!!!! I agree with Karen - can't wait to see what you do with it all!!

  4. I love that table, too and the old crates are getting harder and harder to find! What a deal on the bottles! You both did GREAT! Very fun stuff!

  5. Always fun to get some great bargains!

  6. You guys found some cool stuff!!!
    I've gone to the sale in Sturgis Michigan....sooooo long. But came home with awesome treasures too.
    Show us what you do with your new/old pieces.


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