Monday, April 18, 2011

Orchids by Hausermann

Today we were out doing a little geocaching in Villa Park, IL. and we came across an Orchid Farm so we decided to go in and take a look around.  WOW!!  This place was amazing.  I have never seen orchids in such a wide variety of sizes and colors.

We learned that orchids are started out in these small glass bottles and that each bottle holds up to 35 baby orchids.

Then they are transplanted and nurtured in the greenhouses.
Hold onto your hats, because you are going to oohhhh and awwww over the colors of these orchids.

And how about these....

And my personal favorite.....

Can you BELIEVE that blue?  Isn't that WILD??  I am SO sorry I didn't buy one and I might have to make a trip back there.  It was just about the prettiest flower I have ever seen.

I honestly have never paid much attention to orchids before, but I now have a real appreciation for them.  Which color did you like best?


  1. Definitely the blue...what a vibrant color! Very interesting how they begin in the bottles. I would love to visit a place like that.

  2. Gayle: I actually thought about you when we were there. I knew you would love it.

  3. I love the blue also, because it would fit in with tropical, beachy decor. I adore orchids, but have only grown two. One was solid white and the other produces these teeny, tiny orange blooms the size of my little fingernail. They are so cute!

    I had no idea how these were started, I find it fascinating that they start in bottles and stay there for so long!

    Great post Kim!

  4. definitely the blue for me too!!! that is so wild!!!

    agar... reminds me of my microbiology class... *runs and hides*

  5. Stopping by from Shellbelle's to say hello. I am a big fan of orchids. When I visit Chicago, I definitely want to stop by Villa Park and see these beauties. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

  6. Hi Rainbow! Do try to go there. The place is immense and if you like orchids, you would love it.
    Have you ever been to The Chicago Botanical Gardens? If not, check them out also.


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