Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hearts and Prayers

My heart and prayers go out to ALL the people who have been affected by the devastating tornadoes that ripped thru the southern and eastern states yesterday.   I have been glued to the coverage on television and could cry for all those affected by this catastrophic event.

In Kentucky, the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers have overflowed their banks.  The Dam at Kentucky Lake is holding back water levels at near record highs.  See this link to check out the flood wall in downtown Paducah.   Normally that is a walkway on the left side of that cement wall.

Normal summer pool levels for Kentucky Lake are 359 ft. (above sea level).  Today it is at 364.6 ft. and they are currrently predicting 373.5 ft. by next wednesday. 

According to the Kentucky Lake website  the record high level to date was 369.99 ft. on 5-11-1984. 

If you go to this website you can see how the water is creeping up into the parking lot at Moors Resort.    Look at the Moors Harbor Lake Cam.  If you click on it, it will open in a larger window.

For the moment our Snug Harbor is safe.  Our lake house is high enough that the flood waters shouldn't reach it.  However, the lake has already crept past our sea wall and washed away our dock steps.  Everyone in our bay has already secured their docks with nylon ropes to trees and sea walls to keep them from floating away once the water forces them to float higher than their pilings.  We are hoping for the best.

Again, my prayers go out to those affected by the tornado's.  They have lost so much.


  1. My heart goes out to the tornado victims as well. I sure hope you don't get flood stage levels of water there. I'll be saying a prayer for you.

    I loved seeing the geo-caching containers. :)

  2. Oh Kim, I hope the water doesn't rise any higher there, be safe. Like you I've been watching the news of all the devastation and my heart goes out to all those who have lost family, friends and belongings. The weather patterns are so crazy this year all over and I hope things get back to normal soon.

    Take care, sending hugs to all.

  3. I can't imagine the fear of something coming that you can't stop or get away from. I hope it ends soon.

  4. Kim,

    My heart goes out to all those folks as well...including yourself!! We here in VA managed to miss it this time, can't help but think that there is something I could do to help those folks...other than prayers! I'm glad it has finally stopped!

    BTW...have been 'investigating' the geocaching, am really excited to start, although hubby isn't interested, but daughter and hubby will be with us in June in Sanibel, and she is interested! Just put a handheld GPS on my wishlist for mother's day!! =)

  5. Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes. It is deeply appreciated!

    Shelllady: My husband wasn't the least bit interested when I started, but once he went with me a couple times, he really started to enjoy himself. I finally went and got him his own GPS and he is much happier. (so am I) Give me a shout if you need any help or info. I've done many on Sanibel and I'm going back there in 3 weeks and have quite a list of them to do in between beach and shelling time. I'll post pictures!


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