Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ninja Monkey

I had the best time with my daughter today.  The rain stopped, the sun FINALLY came out, and the temperature actually got up to 65 degrees.  We grabbed our caching bag and headed out the door for some quick fun.

I just received my new geocaching hat, so I decided to break it in.

We did 7 caches this morning, but 3 of them were pretty clever ones.  I'm not giving the GC number's out because if anyone ends up hunting these caches they should have the same fun finding them as we did.  Here's the first one....

The 2nd one was hard to find because there were SO many options....

Did you guess where it was?

This last one was my favorite for the day.  If you look closely, you will see my head almost at the top of the tree, near the trunk.  I am a sucker for tree caches - they are my absolute favorite ones to do.  The cache itself was hidden in a plastic squirrel that was tethered to a branch.  (the tree was not harmed or damaged in the placement of this cache)

Geocachers who climb things to reach caches are called "Ninja Monkeys" - hence the name of my post.  I have been a Ninja Monkey my entire life, even before geocaching was created!

Afterwards we went out to lunch.  All in all, a fun morning!  Now I have to get cracking (ha, ha) on dyeing Easter eggs and preparing dinner for tomorrow.  Have a safe and wonderful Easter everyone!


  1. I cannot believe you climbed that tree! You are so full of adventure. I wonder if I could get my husband interested in geocaching. Maybe with a gadget to play with....

  2. Go get him a hand held GPS unit - like a Garmin Nuvi 1300 maybe. They are not real expensive - about $ 100.00. The nice thing about them is that you can use them for geocaching as well as in the car for navigation. My husband and my dad LOVE to use the GPS.

  3. Now I'm really looking forward to your upcoming beach trip. You'll have to give me the skinny on geocaching. I actually have the tree climbing skills in place.

    Take good care,


  4. I'm going to leave any tree climbing to you and Kaybe, but I'm hoping to be there with you both on the beach! I'll take the pics, you do the climbing…deal?

    Happy Easter!

  5. Oh, I hope you can make it! I don't know if there are any tree caches there, but there are a few beach ones right there that we can do!

  6. I found your site!! I would love to find out more about geocaching....I used to do the online treasure it the same sort of thing? I wonder if they do this in my neck of the woods.....or maybe my daughter and I can do it on our next trip to Sanibel!!

  7. Shellady: I'm not sure what type of online treasure hunt you're talking about. But believe me, there are geocaches hidden everywhere, including Sanibel. We have done many on Sanibel and will be doing more in a few weeks. Go to, put in your zip code and be surprised at how many are in your area! It is really a lot of fun! Glad you found me!


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