Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to Snug Harbor Bay!

Welcome to my blog!

Right now I am sitting at my kitchen table, staring out the window at Kentucky Lake.  I am at our lake house, appropriately named “Snug Harbor!”  I love the name Snug Harbor.  It makes me think of a cozy place.  It conjures up thoughts of toasty fireplaces on a cold night, shelter from a raging storm, or a haven for the weary.  Snug Harbor is where we go to relax and unwind, especially after a long, cold winter.  You see, we plow snow for a living up in Chicago.  And Chicago does get some snow.  This year we had record snow storms and one 20” blizzard in particular.  We were busy! We are ready for the lake.

This is our first weekend down here for 2011.  It’s always nice to get here, open the windows and air the place out.  We take several deep, cleansing breaths of the fresh, spring air.  The daffodils are poking up, the birds are singing and the bass and crappie are starting to move.  Ahhh, spring is here and we have 8 months of LAKE ahead of us. 

We don’t live down here for those 8 months – not yet at least.  But some day we hope to.  For now, we have to content ourselves with long weekends and occasional week long stays.  When we’re here we like to fish, water ski, wake board, kayak and swim.  We have campfires and roast hot dogs and make s’mores.  We ride around on a golf cart and go hiking in the woods.  We go geocaching, look for shells and arrowheads, we find sea glass on a secluded beach, and jump from the cliff into the water at the rock quarry.  There is always something interesting to do and see.

My kids are now young adults and don’t need me as much as they used to.  I don’t have to chauffer them to volleyball games or baseball practices.  There is no need to help them with their homework.  I couldn’t help them anymore if I wanted to anyway.  Everything they have in school is way beyond what I learned when I was in school.  So now I find myself with a little more time on my hands and able to spend a lot more time with my husband of 26 years.  He’s my best friend and my rock.  We like to stay busy and do different things.  I am tired of doing housework and laundry.  I want to have FUN!  I would so much rather be out on the beach looking for shells than cleaning my bathroom.  I don’t much care if you can write “Dust Me” on my dresser top.  Somehow sitting in my kayak and watching the sun rise sounds like a lot more fun than washing my floor.  Don’t you agree?  Ok, I’ll do the basics, I’m not a slob, but let’s just say that the weights and balances have shifted a bit.  I’ll be doing more FUN and less laundry.

So I am starting a blog, to share my fun adventures with you.  Please stop by from time to time to see what we have been up to.  I threw in a load of laundry and turned the dial to start.  I am grabbing my coffee cup and heading down to the dock.  I consider that “multi-tasking.”  Here's where I'll be sitting.

It’s a nice day for kayaking.  Or crappie fishing.  Or a golf cart ride.  Let me see which way the wind blows me today.

Thanks for stopping by my Snug Harbor Bay!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)


  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I'll come by and visit often since I'm on the same page.... I'd rather do something fun than do laundry.

  3. Me too! I say housework - wash your mouth out with chocolate. Look forward to you sharing from your neck of the woods.


  4. Oh darlin' your blog looks lovely, what a gorgeous view! I'll be happy to pull up an Adirondack chair on your deck (can mine be pink?) and watch your adventures. Could you pour me a cup of coffee, please?

    I know what geocaching is, but I've never known anyone who does it. I do hope you'll share pics the next time you go.

    Welcome out of the shadows and into the world of blogging! We're going to have so much fun!!!!!!

    btw, now I can say I've read your entire blog, lol.

    Hugs my new friend!

  5. Hi! I'm popping in from Shellbelle's place after reading your fun guest post!

    "I don’t much care if you can write “Dust Me” on my dresser top." sounds like me! Housechores are my worst nightmare! Specially if they take time away from hiking, diving, photography, blogging, reading... :p

    This is the first time I've "met" someone who makes a living snowplowing! Winters must be crazy hectic for you guys!!! But what do you do in summer when there's no snow???

    I love the name of your lake cottage! I wish I had a place like that as a refuge from the outside world. Enjoy the spring and the lake and the mountains and the geocaching!

    cheers from Spain!

  6. Cris: You are my first follower from overseas!!! Yeah! Yes, winters are extremely busy but that's ok, then I have the rest of the year to do fun stuff. We also manage a couple of commerical office buildings, but fortunately we do not have to be tied down inside an office all day for that.

  7. Always happy to add a touch of the "exotic" to someone's life! ;o)

    It was lovely of you to stop by my place for a visit, thanks! :o)


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