Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finishing Up Our Lodi Caching Trip

This next cache was pretty neat because of the sheer size of it.  GC2ZCR2   It was located on the property of some geocachers.  Check out this cache container...

The container was locked and using a hint on the cache page, we had to figure out the combination.  Dad quickly deciphered the hint and the box was open....

Inside was a rubbermaid container that contained the log book, all the swag, and get this - a small foldable chair for the cacher to sit on while he signed the log!

How cute was that??  Nicely done cache!

The next one I really liked was on the way home.  GC2YKXH   It was an easy on and off from the expressway and located in the parking lot of a fireworks store.

Nearby a "key" was hidden that we needed in order to open the lock.  My dad was really on his game today and quickly figured out where the key was safely stowed away.  I can't show you how it was hidden because that would give it away - sorry!

That was the last of 18 caches for the day.  We had a wonderful time.  Shortly after doing the last cache and getting back on the expressway, I saw an airplane in the distance.  It looked like it was spinning out of control and crashing.  My camera was sitting in my lap so I was able to get off a couple of quick shots.....

It scared the crap out of me!  But a few seconds later the plane shot back up into the air and did the same thing several times in a row, so we figured he was a stunt pilot of some sort.  Pretty cool, huh?


  1. You found a LOT of caches!!! Is that a record for you? I'm trying to remember!

    I would have thought the plane was going down, too!

  2. No, our record is 25 in one day and that was actually in the middle of winter too! But I know several cachers who do that and more on a regular basis. We have some super cachers in our area!


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