Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flashback Friday 2-1-13

It's Friday, so that means it's Flashback Friday with my friend Martha over at Seaside Simplicity.

My photo this week is again water themed.  This photo was taken at Lake of the Ozarks and that's me in front with the oars, taking my 2 sisters across the lake to "The Patio" for cheeseburgers and thick chocolate milk shakes.  They had the best cheeseburgers and shakes, so good in fact, that I can still remember how good they tasted. 

We would row over to the dock, tie up the boat and then we had to take a cable car to the top of the hill where the restaurant sat, overlooking the lake - what a great view!  Round trip probably took us an hour and a half and I'll bet my mom and dad loved having some "peace and quiet" time.  LOL!

Head over to Seaside Simplicity for this weeks blast into the past!  Feel free to join in on the fun.


  1. OK, let's see, you climb trees but your always around water. You're like a Fish but you climb like a Monkey......HMMMMM.....I got it! YOU'RE A FUNKEY!
    And, the coolest Funkey I ever knew!
    I love the throw back pictures and short stories! This is a great series!

  2. Great photo and such great memories to go with it. I have some times in the past that were connected to food that I remember being the best ever. I always wonder if I actually had the exact same thing now if would be as good as I remembered it. Thanks for playing along as always :)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view) and your comment :)

    I love this picture and the memories associated with it. What an adventure to get something to eat, row your boat and then have to take the cable car. Sounds like a great activity to do as sisters indeed! The food truly must have been delicious!


  4. How cute do you look! And you could get tan AND muscles rowing on that lake. I guess you wouldn't be surprised to know we vacationed there several times when my kids were growing up. They would go out in 'paddle boats' that you use your legs to power! They would get SO far out! That shore line is amazing. What wonderful memories for me, too!

  5. G'afternoon Kim :)
    Sometimes I think there's nothing in the world BETTER than a great, juicy cheeseburger! I never had sisters (or a brother for that matter), but wonder if they don't recall that day with much fondness, as well?

    Sure enjoyed reading your Bucket List. Hope I can help contribute to your 300-followers goal! :)


    1. Hi Myra: Thanks for coming by and joining my merry group of bloggers! And yes, my sisters and I share a great many fond memories.

  6. No worries about excess calories from cheeseburgers and shakes... you burnt it all off rowing there and back! ;o)

  7. Gotta love being on the water! Great photo.

    1. I've spent my whole life on the water in one way or another. I think I need to have a job like you.

  8. What a great Memory and Workout... so no worries about the Cals consumed with the burger and shakes! *Winks* Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. What a nice, summery photo. Isn't it funny how we remember food??

    1. I'm surprised how many memories I have that revolve around food or migraines. LOL.

  10. What a sweet snap and sweet memories too. Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Having photos like this is a wonderful
    Thanks so much for your comment and the
    link to cleaning linens.. I'll be looking
    into it..
    Not sure what I'll do with it all but
    love them.

  12. What a wonderful memory and I am sure your parents were thrilled as you say with some privacy. Ewwww know!!
    Did you spend the whole summer there? Every year? Family holiday traditions can be so important for kids.


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