Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waterskiing Lessons

We spent 2 mornings this week working on water skiing lessons.  Chablis has been able to ski on 2 ski's for awhile and Tony just learned to ski last summer.  Kyle has never even tried, so we decided this summer everyone was going to learn something new.

Day 1

Tony just practiced his technique on 2 ski's....

Chablis worked on dropping a ski and managed to go a little way on 1 ski.  She did have one spectacular wipe out tho!

Day 2

Chablis decided that today was the day she was going to become an official slalom skiier.  She started on 2 ski's.  We used one adult ski and one child ski for her since she's so tiny.  The child ski is much smaller and shorter and therefore easier to drop.  Here she is practicing...

Dropping the ski....

Finding her balance....

Sliding her back foot into the stirrup...

And officially slalom skiing.....Yeah!!!!

 Tony was up next.  He started on 2 ski's....

Loosening the ski he's going to drop....

Dropping it and finding his balance.....

And managed to ski for about 2 blocks...  Success!!

Kyle joined us on the 2nd day.  Believe it or not, we've never had the opportunity to get him on ski's.  But I had high hopes for him because he's very athletic and has always played a lot of sports.

Here's Tony explaining what to do....

3 tries and Kyle was up on ski's.  The kid is a natural.

 Learning how to whip outside the wake....

And then Mr. Fancy-pants tried dropping a ski.  He almost did it too!  He skied on one ski for about 100 ft.

The three of them declared the morning a huge success and the best day of the trip.  I have to agree!  I think I'll have all 3 of them slalom skiing next trip!

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  1. Wow! That is cool! Do you have another boat for pulling skiers, or do you use the pontoon?

    1. We use the pontoon. I wish we had a ski boat but the pontoon works for skiing, altho it's not powerful enough for us to wakeboard behind. :-(

  2. This is the only time that you and I would differ, Kim. I'm like a cat when it comes to water! I love to look at it, fish in it and drink it but that's about it! While you kids would be out having your fun on the water, I'd be hiking some shoreline trail in search of a treasure. That does look fun though!

    1. Shoreline trails are always nice! Too bad you don't like to be in the water. My kids are like fish in the water.

  3. Well done to you all, terrific fun and you need very strong upper arm muscles to be successful.

  4. I love how there is no one else on that lake. So pretty. I have never water skied I am too old now. I am more the sit on the shore kind of lake person but I think it is such a great idea to have the kids all doing something new and physical this summer. I am making my girls rotate and take my walks with me. Just getting them out and away from the electronics. We are heading on vacation next week and I cannot wait for some hiking and fishing.

  5. Oh what fun! My husband and his two brothers taught me how to water ski many moons ago (30 years). It was exhilirating yet scary for me, but I have always been glad I tried it. They were such show offs and would even ski barefoot as inspired by Cypress Gardens great ski team here in FL. Ann

  6. Oh how fun to see this water skiing! I grew up skiing with my brothers. We all learned very young. About 5. We used to ski from sun up to sun down. The Colorado River, Lake Shasta, Bass Lake, local lakes, everywhere we could. Love it! We are still a boating family, but now we are teaching our grandkids to ski, and I prefer to hold the flag!!! But thanks for the memories.......
    XO Kris

  7. Enjoyed your profile and what an exciting life you have.

  8. Great action photos! Looks like everyone is having a blast. Although my husband used to waterski, I've never been a water sports kind of person. But slap some skis on me in winter, and look out.... :)

  9. He is a natural! It's not very often that someone can stay, or even get up on skies their first time out.

  10. How fun. They all seem like naturals. I used to love to water ski in my younger years :)

  11. You are one fun bunch! Think I need to go sit and rest after all that engery you expended!
    xo Cathy

  12. Fabulous! I've only tried water skiing once when I lived in Mexico and loved it! :o)

  13. Wow nice post, I really enjoyed to read your post. And great tips. Thanks for sharing with us.



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