Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fish Fry

Last week Louie managed to entice me out of bed at the crack of dawn one morning to go white bass fishing.  (White bass are different than regular bass.  They are more like stripers.)  When we're at the lake, I don't usually get up before the sun rises, but on that particular morning I was glad I did.  Here's the view as we pulled away from our dock.  It was worth getting up early just for a view like this of God's handiwork!

We met a friend of ours out on the lake in the "secret" spot and started fishing....

Within an hour we had a nice bucket of fish....

We took them back to the dock and Louie cleaned them up right away.  He uses an electric knife and he's quite good at it!

The dogs like to come down to the dock and inspect things....

But our little guy always likes to try to steal the fish...

We soak the fish in cold water all day and then that night we had a fish fry.  We bread them with Louie's homemade breadcrumbs and then fry them up, nice and crispy....

We also take some fillets, season them, add a little margarine and some lemon juice and cook them on the grill for about 20 minutes....

Either way, they are ummm ummmm good!


  1. That looks so good...not to mention a lot of fun. Where we are most fishing is done by boat and our boat motor sucks so we don't go. No really river bank fishing here like in Southern Alaska. I haven't caught a fish in years. Would love to go out like you all do... if it were that easy the kids and I would go every single day and fill the freezer for winter!!

  2. You know it's going to be a great day when you start it off with a fish fry post at Snug Harbor Bay! What a great post of fun, family and a FISH FRY! I love the way you share your life with us. Super job!
    Tip ~ Try mixing some of McCormick's pre-mixed seasonings like, Lemon Pepper, Kick'n Chicken or Cajun Seasoning to the bread crumb mix. These add additional flavors but don't take over.
    BUT, I' sure Louie has it down pat......

  3. Just read the post after breakfast, but now I'm thinking of having fish for supper!!

    Great post and pics!

  4. Great article Kim. I'll be going fishing with my son again and hopefully we'll catch some nice size bass to cook up. Those look great and make me hungry. Nice job. Beautiful pictures too.

  5. Fresh fried fish is one of my absolute favorite meals. MMMMM! What's the secret to those bread crumbs? The fish really does look nice and crispy! Beautiful view out there on the lake.

  6. Fresh fish is the best!!! We love eating them the same day as they are caught also.
    Those sure look yummy!
    Enjoy your weekend, Kim.

  7. Wow, that fish looks great! And nice sunrise photo.

  8. How fun. I love the fishing and the eating part both :)

  9. Yummm!!! The lemon-grilled fish would be my choice over the fried, but they both look yummy! And getting up at the crack of dawn for THAT view is definitely worth it! :o)


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