Monday, November 7, 2011

Why I Like to Be In the Woods

I like to be out in the woods.  And not in a creepy way.  Ha ha!!  There's just something very peaceful about being there.

We usually head out early in the morning, before the crack of dawn.  We walk about 3/4 of a mile down a trail.  Usually there's just enough moonlight for us to see the path.  If not, we use our small flashlights.  This is what it looks like when we enter the woods.

Once we get to our deer stand, we climb up and settle in.  There's a farm nearby and we can clearly hear the cows and their constant mooing.  I imagine that's what it used to sound like on a trail drive.  They never stop mooing.  First loud, then soft, then loud again.  The sound is relaxing and could easily put me to sleep.

Next we start to hear birds chirping and we can make out the faint outline of the trees around us....

It rained the night before and we can hear the soft, steady drops of rain as they slide off the branches and hit the carpet of leaves on the ground.

Slowly the trees emerge from the darkness....

Off in the distance a rooster crows and chicken start to cackle.  2 squirrels play tag up and down a nearby tree.  One of them discovers us and its high pitched chirp sends out a warning that we are there.

Bushes and shrubs slowly start to stand out......

As the sky begins to lighten up, we tilt back our heads and look up at the tree tops.  The brilliant yellows and oranges of the leaves appear to be on fire.

The sun finally breaks over the treeline and light streams through the forest....

When the wind blows, the tree tops gently sway and the dried leaves rustle in the breeze.  The forest bursts with the harmonies of birds singing, turkeys gobbling, and squirrels whistling.

The final colors of autumn are still beautiful....

Walking out later in the day is nice too.

It's a good view, coming or going!  I never get tired of seeing the colors of autumn from inside the forest.


  1. I haven't been in the woods for a long time, but I do remember how peaceful and quiet it is.

  2. beautiful sequence of dawn in the forest! dunno if I'd be willing to head out in the dark though... :p

  3. The woods are always so peaceful here too, sometime they creep me out but not often. :) I thought of you this weekend when my dad was telling me about caching in the UP with his friend, they had a great time exploring. :)

  4. Michelle: I didn't know your dad was a cacher. I bet it's beautiful caching in the UP!

  5. Kim, I love this!! We were right there hearing on the sounds....remember the movie Bambi? All those sounds, even raindrops were set to music, you described them so well that's what I thought of!! Thanks for taking us with you...was it crowded up there in the tree stand with all of us?? :)

  6. Awesome sequence showing how the woods come to life each morning. There is nothing else like it. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and enjoying the forest with me. Shelllady, we could practically have a party up there!!

  8. I was completely on a different page than everyone else. I thought we were going to get to the end of the post and you were going to show off a 10-point buck you shot. I guess it was the "deer stand" that got me thinking hunt. I suppose it is the Alaskan in my, too. :) Beautiful trees in your area!

  9. That's what I love most about morning hunts...listening to all the critters waking up! Rambob and I sit in seperate stands so I have to admit...when it is pitch dark, for the first 20 minutes or so, I may or may not be scared of the dark ;) I wish they made night lights in those darn stands, hahah

  10. The heck with the night light in the deer stand - I'd want a porta-potty.

  11. Nice view! :) Thanks for sharing it.


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