Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pathtags are Fun

What's a Pathtag?  Pathtags are fun little personal items that geocachers have been trading or leaving in caches as their signature items.  My geocaching name is Bugleann and I'm a huge Snoopy fan, so my friend Brian designed this Pathtag for me.  Isn't is cute? This is my personal Pathtag....

Brian also designed his "Caching for Christ" tag for himself and also designed our friends "Tomeagle55" tag....

Pathtags are single sided, metal tags and are about the size of a quarter.  Many geocachers have them made and leave them in caches for other geocachers to find.  If you find a Pathtag, you can keep it.  That's how they differ from Travel Bugs, which you can't keep and have to move from cache to cache.   The Pathtags are magnetic, so it's easy to mount them to a magnetic board to display them.  They also have a hole punched into them, so you can slide them onto a keychain or wear them as a necklace.

When you first order them you design what you want and upload the design to the Pathtag site.  They make a blueprint, you approve it, they do a design set up and dye mix and then they make your tags.  The first time cost with the design and set up is about $ 110.00 for 50 tags.  After that you can re-order more and you won't have the set up costs anymore.

Pathtags have a huge variety of designs on them, from cartoon characters, to pets, to themes like hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming, camping.  Some people have tags made for some of the yearly geocaching events.  Other tags support our military, the scouts or different illnesses.  The design possibilities are endless!

You can leave them in caches, trade them with other cachers at events or trade them with other cachers around the globe through the Pathtags website.  You can scroll or search through literally thousands of different pathtags and when you find one you like, you just email the owner and ask them if they'd like to trade tags.  They have an opportunity to see which tags you are offering and then they can accept or decline.  I've traded tags with other cachers from as far away as Australia and the Netherlands.

I currently have about 40 tags that I've collected, but my favorites are any that have to do with Snoopy or any of the Peanuts characters....

Pathtags are just fun to trade, kind of like baseball cards when I was a kid.  So keep your eyes peeled next time you're looking through a cache container.  You never know what you might find!

I'm linking up today with the guys over at CacheCrazy.  They've had a busy week so stop by and read about some interesting stuff - I mean, after all, doesn't everyone carry a ladder with them into the woods????  Plus, Fred is on the loose, 2 cachers are on a road trip, there's night caching going on, Girl Scouts are on the loose, see what's cooking at Bloodhoundeds house and somebody got engaged!  Whew!!


  1. The pathtags are awesome and I imagine addicting. When Nick was a Cub Scout I thought it would be great to trade patches with other areas. I had so much fun getting them in the mail until I realized I was going to spend over $1000 getting one from each Council in the US. I quit doing it to save the money, but it sure was fun. Maybe someday when I don't have so many little ones I'll be just like you. :)

  2. These are cool! I was trying to explain geocaching to my middle daughter. I should have just sent her to YOU! I'm going to tell her to come check out your blog, because you can certainly explain it in all of the correct terms, and I still haven't gotten them all down yet. My oldest daughter and her family have cached before, and I think Lace and Josh would like it long as they don't encounter a gator! LOL

    I think it's really cool that you have exchanged tags with cachers on other continents :)

  3. How fun! Do you wear yours, display them or keep them in a safe place??
    xo Cathy...a fellow Peanuts fan!

  4. Gayle: They are extremely addicting! There are so many I'd like to trade for, but I only have 50 to trade, and I can't afford to buy any more of my own right now, so I only trade for really good ones. :-(

    Della: If your kids have any questions, just have them email me, or tell me what they'd like to know and I'll do a post on it. Or send them to Chicago and I'll take them caching! And I love trading tags with cachers from other countries.

    Cathy (my fellow Peanuts lover - love it!!) Right now I have them in a mason jar, but I plan on getting a magnetic sheet to stick them to and then placing them in a picture frame.

  5. How cool is this??!! You are an amazing family.

  6. What a great idea! I think your pathtag is gorgeous! Kudos to your friend who designed it, he seems to be quite talented!

    How about a photo of all of those you've collected together? Where do you keep them, mounted on a board like you said above?

  7. Cris: Thanks! Brian did a really nice job on the tags. Right now they're just in a jar. When I get around to putting them in a frame I'll post a picture of them all.

  8. Kim, you are awesome! Pulling out all the stops for another great post here and at CacheCrazy.Com. Thanks for sharing some of your collection with us. I love them all.
    Great Job!


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