Thursday, November 17, 2011

Del's Shells

I'd like to introduce a very special blogger friend of mine today.  Her name is Della and she's the author and jewelry artist over at Del's Shells.  She creates the most dazzling jewelry from shells that she hand picks from the beaches of her home state - Florida.  I'm going to let her tell you about her work....

Hello I'm Della, and Kim asked me to come over and do a guest post on her awesome blog! I couldn't say no, and I am so honored that she asked! Thank you Kim!

I collect seashells, and make pretty things with them. Like jewelry, bookmarks, and hair accessories. I personally love to wear things made with shells, it's a very beachy kind of style, and I enjoy being close to nature, and everything to do with the sea.

(Yellow seashell charm bracelet)

When I'm walking the shore looking for shells it's like Heaven on Earth. The salt air soothes my soul, and the sand beneath my feet is just like coming home. Sometimes I am on a mission to find certain shells, and sometimes I get lucky and those are exactly what I find! I only collect empty shells, not live ones. Once my shelling excursion is over, it's time to carefully pack them up, and head home to clean them. A little soaking in a solution of bleach and water is all it takes, and I like to spread them out on towels to dry in the sun, and natural air. After they are dry, I sort them into piles of alike shells, and if I have an abundance of a certain kind, I sort them into sizes, too.

(oyster shell bracelet)

And then the fun begins! If I have a design in mind for a shell already, this is where I start. I'm usually dreaming up designs while collecting. Certain shell types and colors go best with a certain metal. I really like Olive Shells and copper together. Such a pretty combination! I love using freshwater pearls with my shells, and some crystals for a little sparkle. You will see different combinations of natural elements coming together in my creations, such as tropical woods, mother of pearl, shell beads, gemstones, coral, and anything that has a beachy feel to it. I let the colors in the shells guide my mind and my hands in the process.

(Olive shell necklace)

I have done some experimenting with putting a gloss finish on some shells, and I love these results as well. The coating gives the shells a wet look, which brings out the color in them. Not all shells need or get the gloss treatment, some shells are naturally long as you get them before the surf has tumbled the shine off. I also love the matte look that shells have, and tend to leave them natural more than not.

(Blue crystal fish seashell necklace)

Every shell is different in some way, even if they are the same species. The Calico Scallop for example, comes in a multitude of color variations, and you will never ever find two with exactly the same color pattern.

(Orange coral bracelet)

I'm really wild about seashells, and I hope you get a chance to collect some of your own. It really is addictive!

(Tulip shell necklace)

I have a little shop on Etsy where I sell my seashell creations, as well as awareness jewelry. I tend to craft more in the line of feminine pieces, but am trying to branch out into a mens line, as well as unisex jewelry. You can read more about me, and my trial and errors of drilling shells on my blog, Del'sShells.

(Sharks tooth necklace)

Thank you for joining me today, and Thank You Kim, for having me!
Have a beachy day!


I'd like to thank Della for sharing her gorgeous creations with us today.  Keep scrolling down because I have more of her goodies to show you....

 (Seashell rose ring)

(Seashell starfish bookmark)  Isn't this a novel idea?  

(Seashell pearl hairpins)  I am almost tempted to grow my hair longer just so I can wear these.  I love them!

(Seashell mermaid bookmark)  My personal favorite!  Kind of makes you want to "dive" into your book, doesn't it?

(Peachy shell charm bracelet)  I think the colors on this one are stunning.  Who wouldn't feel happy wearing this on their wrist?

If you have a beach lover in your family, go check out Della's Etsy Shop.  One of her hand crafted items would make a very special gift under the tree this year for the special person in your life.

Thank you Della - I really enjoyed your post!


  1. Thank you for inviting me Kim! I really enjoyed doing this. You have been a great supporter and cheerleader for me, and I really appreciate it!

  2. Those are beautiful! Congratulations Della for being such an artist :o)

  3. I like your shell creations. I love the pearls and how you weaved them into your creations.

  4. Look at that Della, you're famous now!! You know I love your work and think it's all so special! How cool that Kim has spread the word out about your amazing talent a little further!!

  5. They are all so beautiful. Very creative. Thanks for sharing

  6. GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing and perfect timing. I'm going to head over to Della's Etsy shop now to Christams shop for my mom. This is right up her alley!

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind compliments! It gives me great joy to create things that others appreciate, and enjoy. In other words...I'm tickled!

  8. Treasures! Love the last peachy seashell bracelet!
    xo Cathy

  9. Very pretty work especially the book marks.

  10. What a wonderful interview! I LOVE Della's beautiful jewelry and I'm blessed to have a few pieces of it! I wore one of my necklaces on Sunday! I always get so many compliments! Now I'm off to look at her Etsy store to see what's new! I keep several items in my wish list at all times! Hugs! ♥

  11. Well well lookie here, two of my favorite blogger people for the price of one :D I love the necklace with the little bottle. Della you have such an eye for what works with the shells to show them off to their best (& also a good eye for good people in the blogger world)

    Take good care,



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