Monday, July 1, 2013

Geocaching Log Sheets

If you're a geocacher, then you recognize the above log sheet.  And if you hide geocaches, then you need to supply a log sheet in the cache you've hidden.  The biggest pain, for me at least, is making my own log sheets.  Well that is no longer a problem. 

First and foremost - visit my buddies at CacheCrazy for all kinds of log sheets.  It's so nice to find one site that supplies them all.   The log sheets are in PDF format.  And did I mention that they are free??
I recently found this great site as well - TechBlazer - Visit both and say hi!!

So if you're going to hide a cache and need a log sheet, check them out.


  1. I love finding neat stuff like that online and free! Enjoy your week my friend! Happy hunting!

  2. I hear they also have some great logs here -
    Just saying :)


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