Friday, June 15, 2012

BB Guns and Birdhouses - A Happy Ending

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post about how my nephew, Kyle, "enlarged" the hole on my birdhouse in April.  You can read about it here if you missed it.

Well, I guess he felt a little bad about the episode, because he went to the wood shop at school and built me a new, custom made, personally designed, super duper birdhouse......

He was so cute the way he was figuring out how to hang it from one of our trees.  None of them have low branches, so he went out to the garage for some tools....

He got Chablis to lend him a helping hand.....

And finally figured out a way to hang it up.....

Did I mention that it's also a bird feeder?

Don't I have a great nephew?  Thanks Kyle!

And don't be shooting this one up!!


  1. That was really sweet of him to build you a new one! I like the log cabin look of this one, and it's cool that it's a feeder, too.

  2. You have a WONDERFUL nephew! I'm sure he felt bad after banging up Auntie's other bird house. The new on is so beautiful- Get that kid on Etsy!

  3. Glad there is a happy ending to your story.

  4. He did an awesome job! Building houses like that...he needs to go into business!

  5. What a creative solution to attach the birdhouse to the tree. Nice birdhouse, too.

  6. Hi Kim~
    I agree with the others..Nephew is a sweetie, and very talented!
    there is a market out there just waiting for his expertise and craftmanship! the birdhouse is really nice!
    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Mermaid post..
    a giveaway is in the works..stay tuned for more..


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