Thursday, June 1, 2017

Re-Purposed Cake Plate

I recently up-dated an old aluminum cake plate that I had.  Here's what it looked like originally...

(image taken from internet)

I read about a technique on Pinterest that I wanted to try.  Sorry, but I can't find the original link so I can't reference it.  But here's what you do.  Take some napkins - I think I used 4 for this project.  Each colored napkin has a plain white sheet behind the flowered sheet, so separate them and discard the white sheet.

Mod  Podge the cake plate cover and lay the napkins on top of it.  Go around the entire cake plate lid until it's covered with napkins.  Let it dry thoroughly and then add 2 coats of Mod Podge over the napkins.  I also painted and distressed the top of the lid with white paint.  Here's what it looks like finished...

I think it's so pretty.  I recommend just wiping with a damp cloth when it needs to be cleaned and not submerging it in water.  I see more of these projects in my future.

 Available at Antiques Et Cetera in Benton, Ky.

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  1. My mother used to do that! She often used old greeting cards, too, with the extra paper wet and peeled off. She covered boxes, mostly. I used the technique to cover an old trunk when I was in college, and used it for years, it help up really well. Pretty!

    1. Wow, great idea with the cards. I'll have to remember that.

  2. That's really cute! Very creative.

  3. This, I love! I've never tried anything using Mod Podge, but you make this seem fun.

    1. Are you serious? I go thru it by the gallon. I use it for so many different projects.

  4. Very cute! Perked it up...from bland to beautiful!

    Hugs, Vicky


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