Monday, May 16, 2016

Garage Sale Finds May 16, 2016

We had a city wide garage sale this week end.  Usually that means there are a lot of sales going on but this year I was kind of disappointed at the pickin's.  But I'll show you what I got anyway....

Louie picked up 3 nice plastic containers to put his extra fishing tackle in.  Yes, he has that much tackle.  He's kind of a hoarder when it comes to fishing tackle.  LOL.   I found two vintage tins, one is a Cracker Jack tin and the other is an Uncle Ben's tin.  Two small containers of paint, both full.  They were only 50 cents each.  I can always use paint for something.  One is blue and the other is purple.

Chablis is planning on getting a dog soon, so I got her 2 leashes and a pair of nail clippers.  I also found a glass flower frog.  I may sell it in my Etsy shop or I may just keep it and use it to store some of my design stamps.

A brand new bundt pan, some shelf brackets and a pair of cute rubber stamps - Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

3 sets of assorted kitchen towels, pot holders and wash cloths.  All new in the packages and each marked for 75 cents.  Those were a steal.

My favorite find - a vintage metal bread box.  Chablis has already swiped it from me.  It needs to be updated in a new color, but boy, it's a beauty.  No dents or dings either.   I was eyeing this one for myself and tried to get Chablis to take the wooden one I have at the lake house, but she doesn't like the carved heart on the wooden box, so she weaseled this one out of me.  I think I'm easy....

Louie bought this cute dog print for Chablis....

I talked about these accordion wood folding racks here.    These are good sellers for me so I always grab them when I see them.  This one needs to be painted before it heads to my shop...

Vintage hand beater with just the right amount of rust....

Check out the patent information on it.   I don't know if they all have that on them or not.  This is the first one of these that I've picked up...

I'm crazy about this apothecary jar.  I'll have to think on this one a bit as I may have to keep it for myself verses selling it.

And that's it for the weekend sales.  You won't be seeing me or hearing from me all week - I'm in Key West!!!!  Woo - hoo!!!!


  1. Y'all still found some great items!

  2. Another treasure hunt. Have fun in Florida

  3. Funny. I had picked up those two paint containers but couldn't think of anything to paint

  4. You need that jar for seashells!!!! Have a MARVELOUS time my friend. Pick me up on the way by! haha! Hugs, Diane

  5. It's like an urban treasure hunt! :) Have fun in Key West this week.

  6. The apothecary will work really nicely to display your Key West shell finds....though it's probably not big enough for some of them! ;) Great finds, and I can't wait to see what you find in the Keys!!

  7. Key West? How fun!

    I'm anxious to hear more about your (well Chablis') new arrival. Will yOu be hosting an on-line puppy shower?

  8. Great finds Kim! Those peg racks always sell well for me too :o)


  9. I would definitely keep the jar! You found some neat stuff to keep, and for your etsy.
    Have fun on your vacation...lucky girl!!


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